Elegant Miele DA 2900 Kitchen Ceiling Hood

If you love cooking or you need to cook many hours in the kitchen, a kitchen hood is definitely an appliance which is absolutely necessary in your kitchen. Soups, steaks, barbeques, doughnuts and many other types of food suppose boiling or frying so that your kitchen will be easily invaded by steam or smoke. Here it comes the useful kitchen hood which saves you from these uncomfortable situations.

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Things can become even better if you think of trying the elegant Miele DA 2900 kitchen ceiling hood. It has four removable glass or steel panels which can be integrated into the kitchen ceiling easily. Its four bright 2 watt LEDs offer the necessary light for cooking while the noise level can be hold at 66dB (A) due to its 4speed which include an Intensive setting motor. This Intensive setting can be programmed to switch off automatically after 10 minutes.A supplied remote control can help you operate ceiling hood.

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If you are already enchanted with everything you have found out about this elegant and modern kitchen ceiling hood, you must know that there are some other interesting details about it. The existence of four removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filters, Clean Cover for simple cleaning of the inside of the hood, individually programmable operating hours counter for grease and charcoal filters, 5/15 minute Run-on time, electronic suction power regulation, double-sided radial fan, Power Management System and safety switch-off make of this kitchen ceiling hood everything you have wanted for a fresh, clean  and elegant kitchen.