Easy To Craft Wall Hangings For Homes With Personality

Empty walls are boring. They lack character and they’re not nearly as exciting as those decorated with wallpaper, decals or anything from framed photos to artisanal ornaments made with yarn or repurposed materials.

Wall Hangings

Wall hanging decorations form a special category which is the focus of today’s list of inspiring projects.

Yarn tassel wall hanging design

Hanging triangle wreath

A lot of wall hangings involve the use of yarn. This is a very versatile resource with lots and lots of different uses. We’ll start with something easy: this yarn tassel wall hanging featured by DIYs. To make something like this you need white, yellow and navy blue yarn, a wooden dowel, two metal rings and scissors. If you don’t like the colors you can choose others.

Double hoop tassels and string

Hanging triangle wreath

There’s also this lovely yarn wall hanging design which we also found on DIYs. For this project you’ll need two brass hoops of two different sizes. You’ll also need some string, scissors and various types of yarn in any colors you like. The idea is to tie pieces of yarn around the two rings and to display them together.

Wall hanging with ombre tassels

Hanging triangle wreath

When you’re working with yarn you can always improvise and get creative. For example, you can use fabric dye to color the yarn if you want to create an ombre design like the one we found on DIYs. As before, the project is simple and the supplies required are easy to procure. They include cotton yarn, dye, a bowl, some string, a wooden dowel and a book.

Geometric wall hanging with gold foil

Hanging triangle wreath

Of course, yarn is just one of the things you can use if you want to make custom wall hangings. Another idea is to use leather. The goal is to create something similar to or inspired by the design featured by Abeautifulmess. If you’d like to replicate the design, you’ll need tan tooling leather,adhesive sheets, gold foil sheets and a few other things. Check out the details and adapt the project to make it your own.

Air-dry clay wall hanging idea

Hanging triangle wreath

Another very versatile resource that you can use when creating custom decorations for your home is air-dry clay. You can shape it into lots of beautiful and cool things, including clay wall hangings like the ones shown on diys. For this project you’ll also need spray paint if you’d like to add some color to your ornaments.

A minimalist magazine rack

Hanging triangle wreath

Three dowels and some neon cord…that’s all you need to make a wall-hanging magazine holder just like the one on DIYs. The rack can hold three magazines which double as decorations for the wall, in a way similar to posters. The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity and the fact that it can be done in only a few minutes.

Handmade macrame planter holders

Hanging triangle wreath

Potted plants and herbs are pretty common in interior design, often used as decorations on shelves or displayed directly on walls. They add color and freshness to spaces and they can form indoor gardens like this one on myfrenchtwist. The pots are displayed here with the help of handmade macrame holders. Check out the step-by-step tutorial to find out how to make them for your own wall garden.

Brass rings and wood beads

Hanging triangle wreath

Minimalism is a trait that defines a lot of contemporary interiors. Of course, just because a space is designed in this manner doesn’t mean it lacks ornaments and decorations. It simply means that the overall decor is simple and defined by clean lines and a lack of unnecessary details. If you’d like to display something on your walls, you just need to be careful not to go overboard. Maybe this minimalist wall hanging could look nice there.

Raindrop wall hanging using felt

Hanging triangle wreath

This raindrop wall hanging is also simple-looking and pretty easy to put together. Let’s see what you’d need: some felt, trimmed branch, some cotton twine (embroidery thread would do too), a piece of cardstock and a big sharp needle. Chances are you already have most of the things and you could improvise for the missing ones.

Minimalist wall hanging with climbing plants

Hanging triangle wreath

Add a fresh vibe to your home with a nature-inspired wall hangingdecoration. It’s a project that would look particularly nice in the bedroom. It’s simple and all you need to complete it is some string, brass spray paint, three wooden dowels, some twigs and a drill. It would be nice to have climbing plants that you could train to grow on the dowels.

Mini chalkboard wall hanging

Hanging triangle wreath

Chalkboards are fun. Kids love them and they’re also pretty cool to play with as an adult. A large one can be a bit difficult to integrate into a space so you’d have better chances with a mini chalkboard wall hanging. You can make one using a tray, some chalkboard paint and a scrabble tile holder so you can safely keep the chalk pieces close at hand.

A woven wall hanging using yarn

Hanging triangle wreath

We’ll come back to yarn for a moment to show you how you can make a woven wall hanging decoration. You need yarn is at least two different colors, a cardboard rectangle, a wooden dowel, scissors and a ruler. First you’ll need to build a loom and that’ actually pretty easy. Then comes the fun part: the weaving. You can combine the colors however you want to create eye-catching patterns.

Silk flowers hanging from a branch

Hanging triangle wreath

Flowers are a great source of inspiration when it comes to everything related to wall decor. Real flowers are rarely used. Silk flowers, on the other hand, are better suited for projects like this one. For this floral wall hanging decoration you’ll need about 30 flowers as well as some white tulle and some branches painted white.

Wall-hanging coffee mug holder

Hanging triangle wreath

Not all wall hangings are meant to be purely decorative. Some can be practical too. One example is this coffee mug holder which could look charming in the kitchen. Before you do anything else, decide what type of mugs you want to display and how many you want to use so you can figure out how big the tray needs to be.

A wall-hanging key holder made of wood

Hanging triangle wreath

A wall-mounted key holder is another cool idea for a decoration and accessory. There’s a really nice and also quite simple design idea on theeffortlesschic.

The main thing you need for it is a piece of wood. A live-edge slab would look nice but don’t limit yourself to one idea. In addition to the wood you’ll also need nails or hooks, some acrylic paint, wooden beads, nylon rope and double-sided mounting tape.

Hanging terrariums and planters

Hanging triangle wreath

A set of hanging terrariums is a wonderful idea for a project. The planters featured on abeautifulmess look really chic and stylish. They look so cool in fact that it’s surprising to find out they’re handcrafted.

You can make some just as great using plastic fish bowls, white marble rock chips, brass chain, wooden circles, white paint, small clamps and glue.

Hanging basket planters

Hanging triangle wreath

These hanging basket planters featured on akailochiclife are also exquisite and easy to craft too. Here’s what you need for the project: some Fryken Ikea baskets, 20 gauge gold jewelry wire, pliers and faux greenery. You can fill them with succulents, hanging plants or any other type of greenery you prefer.

Personalized framed and pictures

Hanging triangle wreath

Whenever there’s wall that needs to be decorated somehow, frames are among the first things that come to mind. You can frame pretty much anything but let’s stick to posters and prints for now.

Print the images that you want to display (you can pick a theme or just select some photos that you like) and craft some frames for them out of balsa wood. The project is described on homeyohmy.

Modern wall hanging for photos

Hanging triangle wreath

Speaking of photos and ways to frame and display them on walls, homeyohmy offers one more inspiring idea: a modern wall hanging that involves some yarn, gold rings, a hole punch and some glue. You’ll also need a printer and some photo paper.

Geometric hanging planters made of wood

Hanging triangle wreath

For the hanging wooden planter project featured onthesurznickcommonroomyou can either use real plants or faux ones. In addition to these, you’ll also need some geometric wooden planters, some rope, a drill, cup hooks and some moss. If you decide to go with real plants, pick a type that’s resilient and doesn’t require to be watered frequently.

Paper wall hanging with origami vibes

Hanging triangle wreath

If you like to work with paper and cardboard, we have a project that you might enjoy. We found it on dekotopia. It’s a geometric wall hanging decoration which you can personalize in lots of different ways, starting with the size and shape of the modules as well as their color.

Nautical-themed wall hanging with frames

Hanging triangle wreath

This nautical-themed wall piece is cute and charming and it’s also something that you could put together yourself in only a few minutes. All you’d need is a frame or shadow box, a large starfish, chalk paint, burlap fabric and a hot glue gun.

Of course, this is just a suggestion. Feel free to use it as a source of inspiration for other beach-themed crafts. {found on pastelsandmacarons}.

Seasonal wall hanging with themed designs

Hanging triangle wreath

Change the ambiance and the decor in your home based on the season, the views or the occasion. For example, you can put up themed wall hangings around Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

Check out foxtailandmoss for an idea that involves evergreens and copper pipes. Add some fairy lights as well for a bohemian and festive look. Hang it with fishing wire to make it look like it’s floating.

Yarn fringe wall hanging

Hanging triangle wreath

Although a design is super simple and not technical or complicated at all, that doesn’t mean it lacks character. There’s something super charming about something pure and simple like this wall hanging made from nothing but a metal ring and some yarn.

Wooden slat hanging frame

Hanging triangle wreath

This is a nice idea for hanging posters, handmade art or even paintings and pictures. In this case we used a paper print with an abstract geometric design. It’s placed between two pieces of wood with slats cut into them at the top and the bottom. That adds weight and keeps the print nice and flat without wrinkles.

A hanging wine rack

Hanging triangle wreath

Something can be displayed on a wall and also have a practical function at the same time. A very good example is a wall-mounted wine rack. This one is small and simple but it can still hold a few bottles and 4 wine glasses too. It’s all handmade using wood and basic tools.

Bohemian wall hanging piece

Hanging triangle wreath

Consider putting together the following: a metal hoop, a wood ring, two tiny and round mirrors, twine rope and some yarn in three different colors. It sounds so random but it’s also the recipe for a really nice and creative project: a wall hanging decoration with bohemian design. You can find out more about it on diys.

A little rainbow made of yarn

Hanging triangle wreath

A lot of creative DIY projects involve very simple materials and supplies but use them in interesting and unusual ways. Thinking outside the box is always useful when dealing with these sorts of things.

Take this little rainhow wall hanging for example. It starts out as a piece of rope but using bits of tape and colored yarn it transforms into something really cute in the end. Check out diys if you’re interested in the tutorial.

Jute twine and assorted twine wall hanging

Hanging triangle wreath

Twine is one of the best resources when it comes to wall hangings and handmade decorations in general. It’s very versatile and there’s multiple variations that you can use. Jute twine for example has a more rugged and organic texture.

Here it was used in combination with some assorted yarn in contrasting colors which looks quite eye-catching. Check out the tutorial on diys to also see how this geometric pattern was made.

Handmade macrame curtain

Hanging triangle wreath

Interested in doing something with yarn or rope that isn’t just decorative? How about a woven curtain like this one from abeautifulmess. It could look really cool and it would add a casual and bohemian vibe to the room. A macrame curtain could act as a space divider and as an alternative to a traditional door.

Macrame plant hangers

Hanging triangle wreath

Plant hangers are wonderful and super useful in cases when you don’t really have space on shelves, furniture or on the counter for your beautiful plants and flowers or when you want them to get as much sunlight as possible.

They’re also surprisingly easy to make and you can use rope or macrame yarn for that which gives you an opportunity to add some texture to your décor. Check out farmhouseonboone for more details.

Seashell wall hanging

Hanging triangle wreath

Still trying to find a cool way to display some of those beautiful seashells you gathered on your trip to the beach? How about hanging them somewhere?

This wall hanging from valeventgal is so easy to make and such a lovely way of actually using these little mementos. There are of course ways to personalize this design further based on all the details and things that you want to include.

Hanging triangle wreath

Hanging triangle wreath

Yes, wreaths can be triangular and they can be made from all sorts of different things. This one has a super simple design which gives a very organic and charming look.

If you’d like to make something similar you’re going to need three thin stripped branches, some evergreen leaves, a bit of floral wire and wire cutters.

There’s a tutorial on fallfordiy if you need more details. Also, you could add more details and decorations if you want to. We’re quite fond of the simplicity of this particular design.