Wooden Hanging Wall Art – Rustic Touch

Love collecting prints but running out of ways to display them? Or have print with an awkward size and having a hard time finding a the right frame size?

Wooden Hanging Wall Art

This simple wooden slat hanging frame can be customized to any size needed and is rather simple to make. They are also relatively inexpensive needing few supplies to create. Make a few and use them all throughout the house!

DIY wooden slat hanging frame

Wooden Slat Hanging Frame Supplies:

  • paper print
  • long rectangular piece of wood (approximately 1.5″ wide x 1″ deep with enough length to cut a piece for the top and bottom of the print)
  • measuring tape
  • sand paper or block
  • drill with medium sized drill bit (to make hole large enough for twine to pass through)
  • 2 popsicle sticks (slightly warped ones work best)
  • table saw
  • 1/16th inch table saw blade
  • twine
  • scissors

How to build the hanging frame:

DIY wooden hanging frame supplies

Step 1: Measuring wooden slats

Start by measuring out the wooden slats for the top and bottom of the frame. Here we used a standard 8.5×11″ print so we made each slat 9.5″ (1/2″ overhang on each side of the print). Mark your measurements with a pencil.

wooden slat hanging frame DIY instructions

Step 2: Cutting

Next cut the entire slat on the table saw. Adjust the saw that you only cut half way into the wood to make the slat. Use a 1/16th inch or thin kerf table saw blade so that standard size popsicle sticks will hold in the print.

Step 3: Top and bottom.

Cut the wood down to size to make the top and bottom slats (9.5″ each is what we used here)

Step 4: Sanding process

Sand the edges of the slat with sand paper or a sanding block to get rid of any splinters

Step 5: Drilling

For the top slat, drill 2 holes approximately 1/2 deep into the 9.5″ long slat. Make them in the center of the slat and drill completely through. This is where you will feed the twine to make the hanger.

Step 6: Add twine

Next using a large piece of twine, feed through the holes, cut and tie off to create the hanging portion of the frame.

wooden slat hanging frame instructions

Step 7: And print

Lastly, assemble your frame by slipping the print into each slat and securing with a slightly warped popsicle stick stuck behind the print into the slat (the curve applies pressure against the print to keep it in the slat to keep it secure). This will complete your frame!

Once you are finished find a nice place to hang your newly framed print! When you decide to change the print out, simply pull up on the top slat which should release the print and the popsicle stick to disassemble the entire thing. Such an easy way to finish off a beautifully printed piece of art for display!

wooden slat hanging frame how to
wooden slat hanging frame DIY
DIY wooden hanging frame