Das Parkhotel in Austria – Weird Accommodation

Most people would like o spend their holidays in the nicest places possible and also to have the best accommodation they can afford, so that they can enjoy the free time at its best. However, not all people can afford paying five stars hotel rooms, so they will have to be satisfied with whatever accommodation they can find for a few bucks. These people are either students looking for adventure, poor people traveling from one place to another and so on. They and all the other people actually are welcomed in a strange hotel called Das Parkhotel which is located in Ottensheim, Austria.

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The most unusual thing about this hotel is that it uses empty drain pipe tubes as hotel rooms. Even if that may sound strange, they did a great job there and you have everything you need in that small room like a bed, some storing space for the clothes and a lamp. All the other facilities – shower, dinner, etc – can be used on the public space, so you have all the basics for a decent stay for a few nights there. That is precisely why they adopted the system “pay as much as you want or can afford to”. But , even if the conditions are a bit austere, the security measures are great and you have a personal access code. I personally think it’s a great opportunity to think of those who can’t afford too much or those who want an unusual experience and do something for them. Great idea, really!

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