Cozy concrete residence with orange touches

A concrete house or any other building for that matter is usually cold and impersonal. But, as usually, for a rule it also has to be an exception. And in this case there are many concrete residence that have been turned into lovely and inviting homes. One of them is this warm and cozy home that has been beautiful decorated with tones of orange and red.

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They key in designing a cozy and inviting interior is to know how and when to combine colors and textures. Even though this is a cold concrete home, it still feels like home because it has been filled with happy and warm color. The décor features muted and warm tones of orange that have been gently mixed with the gray of the concrete and with the warm honey tones from the wooden elements.

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Some of the walls have been painted white or pale beige while others have been left gray. In some cases gray can be actually refreshing if the rest of the décor is chosen to create such an atmosphere. In order to compensate for the coldness of the walls, the floors have been covered with honey wooden planks. Then wooden furniture has been added. And to make everything happy and refreshing, warm tones of orange have been added here and there. Occasionally they have been complemented by some matching red or brown. The overall look is cozy and inviting and the atmosphere is very home-like.{found on myparadissi}