Modern Home Opens Up Like A Sunflower To Capture The Light

Every architectural project has its own set of challenges. In the case of the Sunflower House, the location and the views dictated the design. The residence is located in Girona, Space, at the limit between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It was a collaborative project between the architects of Cadaval & Sola Morales and contractor Joaquin Gonzales.


The house overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the views are astonishing. In order to make the most of these views, the architects envisioned the residence as a collection of cubes, each framing a different view, but all connected inside to form a cohesive space.


The geometry of the building responds to the landscape in a unique way. The two main challenged of the project included attracting the sun into the house and reinforcing the relationship with the sea, given the close proximity.


Given the location, the plot and, as such, the residence, are exposed to strong winds but get almost no direct sunlight. Two ingenious solutions were found for these problems. First of all, the house collects sunlight and heat through its compartmentalization. It opens up like a giant sunflower. This design also allows each individual cube to offer specific views and to frame a different portion of the landscape.


Using materials typical to the area, the architects managed to make the residence blend in, offering it a natural charisma. The only exception is the glazing which is typical of skyscrapers rather than private homes and this feature was chosen in order to offer protection against the strong winds.


Although each cube is a solid perimeter with clearly defined limits, the interior space is continuous and from any point inside the house the user can feel closely connected to the other spaces that form the residence.


In addition to framing specific views, the cubes also offer privacy from the other areas so each space feels intimate and inviting. The house breaks down the view and this diversity makes each room unique and different.


The transition from one space to another reveals the total panorama and allows the inhabitants to admire and comprehend the whole picture. The frontal view is the most impressive. The main space is connected to a rear patio which has the role to bring sunlight into the living spaces but also to serve as an outdoor living space and as an extension to the interior room.


The living space has an open floor plan and it contains a casual lounge area with an elegant black leather sofa, a ceiling-mounted fireplace and a pair of Butterfly chairs, a dining space placed at an angle, exposed to the beautiful views as well as to the fireplace, and a kitchen slightly hidden behind the staircase.


The architects and the clients chose polished concrete flooring for this space, a low maintenance option which also offers numerous other benefits. For example, it’s easy to clean, highly durable and is not vulnerable to moisture-related damage which, in this case, actually helps.


The wooden stairs lead up to the private spaces. Huge, full-height windows expose the hallways and the rooms to the amazing views of the sea which become a part of the interior décor, complementing the minimalist and crisp color palette featuring white as the main shade in combination with natural wood, browns, warm grays and contrasting black accents.


The chromatic palette is reduced to lighter shades in the bedrooms. In here, the décor is simple, featuring a huge wall unit, an en-suite bathroom and a bed facing the windows and the relaxing views. The bedroom headboard is particularly interesting, doubling as a divider and integrating shelves and storage.


The unique relationship with the water is beautifully captured here where a pair of Acapulco chairs and a cord-hanging light fixture provide an intimate nook, perfect for admiring the view and getting in touch with the surroundings.


In addition to a unique design and extraordinary views, the Sunflower House also impresses with a number of other features such as a green roof which helps control the interior temperature changes and which fulfills the highest environmental standards.