Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin

We all dream about living in castles when we are kids. The girls want to be the lady of the castle and the boys want either to conquer it or defend it. Either way, it’s part of every kid’s dream to live in a castle and some people can do this. Of course it’s a bit more difficult to own a castle, so you’d better choose the second option : to live in a hotel-castle for a few days as a guest. One of the most beautiful and oldest castles turned into hotels in Ireland is Clontarf Castle Hotel situated near Dublin.

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It looks just like a castle in the Middle Ages because that’s exactly what it is since it was built some time back in the 12th century. But on the inside things are completely different. The owners spent a pretty large sum of money a few years ago to have the castle/hotel interior totally redesigned and updated. I mean you can enjoy the historical scenery and use the wireless internet connectivity available in the hotel and enjoy a nice hot bath in a modern bathroom.

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Of course some specific features have been preserved because they bring a personal touch to the building and the surrounding area, but they were modernized and made comfortable and nice. You can book rooms in this hotel if you come on holiday with your family, but also if you need some high quality space for events such as weddings, receptions, staff meetings, conferences, etc.

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But I will leave you the pleasure to discover more details by visiting their web site.