Centauro Concept Store by AUM Arquitetos

The design of this concept store is similar to the brand itself and was made by AUM arquitetos. Flourished in red and white the store replicates the brand with the floors and walls exquisitely designed with the rings of aluminum. The rings coat the floors and the walls in a splendid diagonal arrangement set in horizontal and vertical fashion.

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A superb indirect lighting provision makes it the perfect ambience to the concept store. The tilt of the inclination of the respective panels makes a clear view to the products that are organized accordingly behind the glasses.

Mezzanine lining marks the onset of sheer quality and luxury that emphasizes the strength of the respective brand that initiates the perfection of establishing the identification of the brand. The red exquisite mezzanine lining makes it the perfect shopping architecture in Sao Paolo. The array of products at the side of the red and white tracked floors provide that extra bit of luxury to the concept store.