Bring school at home

We all loved the blackboard at school when we were little. Every break, when the teacher left the classroom we tried to draw on it funny messages for the rest of the classmates. If you miss those times, you can bring them in your own home.  In fact, this piece of furniture is a wall organizer that you create using: ply sheet, a piece of pine, a piece of cork, a mirror, some black school board paint, a roller and tray, some adhesive, mirror silicon, some tape, a hole saw, a battery drill, a bag of screws, a set of slotted plates and screws, 3 door handles/knobs, a pencil and a small potted plant. And a lot of creativity, because you’ll need it for a better decoration of your hand-made reminder wall.

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There’s no exactly way to do this, you just have to obey some rules.

First you have to paint the ply sheet with the black paint, after that you have to hand-make the shelf. Finally you have to bring them together and that the fun begins. You can decorate it how your imagination tells you to. Add dandles for the clothes or other objects. The important thing is that you have a piece of furniture that you won’t find in someone else’s home because you made it yourself.

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And, there’s also the benefits of it, because you can put there all the things that you need when you walk out from home, like keys, your favorite jacket or your photo camera. And you can write on it and leave funny messages for your family members each day. You’ll be sure that you don`t forget doing some things, like paying the bills, because the board will help you remember.{found on curatethisspace}.