Bring a Bit of Greece into Your Home

As the sun shines our mind wonders away to beautiful countries whereby warm weather, gorgeous food and captivating culture is the norm. One of these places is Greece. The country has one of the richest histories in the world and thus there is no country more fascinating to base your interior design on. Every Greek symbol you incorporate into your property tells a beautiful story and this makes your home more personal, interesting, exciting and of course stylish. So, how do you bring a bit of Greece into your home?

Greek Key Pattern.

Grecee decor

This pattern has made its mark since the years of Ancient Greece yet its popularity has evidently never dwindled. In Ancient Greece it was used predominately to decorate buildings and urns. It really came to the fore during the Geometric Period of Greek Art. And, with geometric patterns being a huge trend in 2013, this is certainly a fantastic pattern to incorporate into your home.

Greek God Sculptures .

Green chair

A sculpture of a Greek God is a must-have addition to any Greek inspired home. This one is of Hermes, the son of Zeus. Hermes was the Greek God of Mythology and the cleverest of all the Olympian Gods – thus you may deem this the perfect sculpture for a room of wisdom, such as a home office.

Blue and White Exterior.

Blue garden

Blue greece porch

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Greece then you will note that a lot of the villas are a stunning white colour with eye-catching blue shutters. Find a way to incorporate this into your exterior. You don’t have to completely copy this trend, instead why not create a white patio area with blue highlights in the form of a table centrepiece and cushions.

Greek Pillars.

Pathway decor greece

The Greek pillars are synonymous with the period of the Gods. These are a great addition to any home because they add stature and they dramatize your outside space.  When guests arrive at your home they will know they are at a place of grandeur.

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