Bright residence in Ibiza by Jaime Serra

This house is located in Ibiza and it was designed by Jaime Serra. It’s a sun-filled home with a modern and simple design. The residence was structured in three sections or volumes. In the center is the lounge area and everything else is structured starting from there. The property also has a 25 meter long and 3.5 meter wide swimming pool surrounded by vegetation.

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On the lower level there’s a covered outdoor living area. It has comfortable outdoor furniture and stairs the go directly into the pool. It’s a large and airy space with a series of benches and cushions. It’s a nice living space where the owners can enjoy relaxing moments with the family, friends and guests. As for the interior, there’s a stairway that connects all the levels.

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The dining area is not overly large. It has a simple dining table that can accommodate six persons and matching chairs. There;s a red chandelier in Murano glass that adds a pop of color to the room and allows the atmosphere to become more casual. There’s transition space between the kitchen and the dining room. It’s a serving batch with an iron table. The kitchen has an industrial feel. It features stainless steel appliances and matching furniture.

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The master bedroom is simple and inviting. It has a wood cabinet, and a series of bulb-shaped lamps hanging on different heights. The master bathroom features Carrara marble elements and minimalist fixtures. The whole house is very elegant. It’s bright, airy and modern.{found on nuevo-estilo}.