Brick Facade Rabbit Residence by LENS’ASS architecten

In a beautiful area of Pajottenland, Belgium once used to be a farm. As time passed, the landscape changed and the farm began to look suspicious. It wasn’t the type of building you would expect to see there. At one point it was turned into a private family home and veterinary practice. The transformation was a project developed by LENS’ASS architecten.It was a complex and complicated project. The entire property had to be restructured and remodeled. The architects managed to organize all the spaces and to create the home and practice that the owners requested. Currently there’s a brick shaft that connects the veterinary practice, the private residence and the garden. What once used to be an almost chaotic set of building is not an organized cluster of functional spaces. The shaft that makes the transition between these spaces was named “the rabbit hole”.

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The rabbit hole leads to an interior courtyard. It has a brick roof that can be easily spotted from the higher location of the castle of Gaasbeek. In fact, the rabbit hole has become a defining element in the area. It’s a cultural element and a visually strong creation that has its place in the landscape.

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The private residence offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and the castle. All the windows, even the smallest of them offer surprising images. The farm has been beautifully restored and restructures. The architecture and the details are beautifully interlaced. The whole structure seems to have been shaped by history and nature.{fund on architezer}.