Breathtaking Views in San Diego, Point Loma Residence

Point Loma Residence is a superb house designed by San Francisco-based studio Macy Architecture. Located in San Diego, California, USA, this beautiful home is a response to the client’s needs. It is low-maintenance and incorporates a variety of energy and resource-conserving features.

Breathtaking views in San Diego

This stunning house has been built taking into consideration the passive solar and natural ventilation design principles. It presents horizontal sunshades that shield from summer heat gain and the interior is naturally ventilated by the central atrium and clerestory windows.

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Breathtaking views in San Diego2

Breathtaking views in San Diego3

Furthermore the building is constructed entirely of steel and integrally colored concrete masonry. The house also has a “cool roof” consisting of a membrane system with an aluminized coating.

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The living, dining, kitchen and master bedroom areas are located on the upper level and orientated to capture views of the Pacific Ocean, Mission Bay and La Jolla. The interior is bright, airy and presents modern furnishings and a simple yet sophisticated style. What’s more, you can find a lot of resource-conserving features throughout the entire house, such as low-flow showerheads and dual-flush toilets.

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The Point Loma Residence is a chic, contemporary house. It is a warm and welcoming place to land and a home that exposes beauty while offering you breathtaking views.