Boeing 747 Converted Into A Hostel In Stockholm

When flying long distances you often fall asleep in the plane and it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. That has drastically changed in the case of a Boeing 747. The place has been transformed into a hostel. Found in Stockholm, near the airport, the place has a whole different kind of interior than you would expect to see. Most of the seats have been removed to give the guests more freedom of movement.

The plane lives up to its namesake jumbo stay

In this unique hostel you can stay in rooms for one to three people and a quad-dormitory bed is also available. Although you may feel like flying, the plane doesn’t go anywhere. It’s cemented in place and there’s no change of it taking off with you in the middle of the night.

Check into the bedroom in the cockpit for a great view of the night sky

Built in 1976, the jet arrived at its current location in 2008 and was later transformed into a hostel. It offers a total of 27 rooms and accommodations and it even has a modern bar and a restaurant.

The door to your room is a true airplane door

In the main cabin grab a drink at the ultra modern bar

This room looks sterile

This one looks like a tight squeeze but still more comfortable than an economy class seat

The guests are being served by attendants dressed like the airline crew for an authentic experience. The bar is situated in the main cabin. There’s a long hallway leading up to the rooms and their interiors are very simple and bright. The interior décor is a little sterile because of the minimalism and the color palette but this gives it authenticity and it really makes you feel like on a plane.