Bodiam Castle in England

I admit I have always been fascinated by castles and all the Medieval stuff because of all the books I read as a child. But there is something really interesting about these buildings: they have resisted the passing of time, even 500 or 600 years and most houses nowadays don’t even resist a stronger wind and get blown away. Hm, it makes you wonder if they were the stupid ones or … we are.

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Any way, I have found the portrayal of my dream castle by mistake, while searching something on the Internet. It is the Bodiam Castle and it drew my attention thanks to its amazing architecture.

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Although nowadays only the exterior walls of the castle survived and the interior is mainly in ruins, this castle is a fine representative of the XIVth century architecture. That meant, of course, steady and solid buildings that were  constructed to protect the old citadels against their enemies. It is located near Robertsbridge in Sussex, England and was built in 1385. It was built there with the intention of stopping the French invaders and that explains the moat that surrounds the castle. the only way in is a drawing bridge, still functional nowadays. Of course, the castle is now only a historical place where students go together with their teachers to talk a bit about England’s Medieval history, but its amazing architecture still fascinates people like me and you.