Cozy Family Home Artistically Blends Modern And Traditional

Every family has its own idea of how a perfect home should be like. For a family from Switzerland, the perfect home was designed by wohgelmuth & pafumi. It’s a modern and pretty compact home that only offers 150 square meters of living space. The house is located in Seltisberg and its design and architecture are simple and concentrated around basic shapes and forms.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg outfoor livingView in gallery
The asymmetrical design of the house is adapted to the topography of the site
Cozy family home in Seltisberg open living spaceView in gallery
The main volume sits on top of a semi-basement level and is very connected to the outdoors

The house has a generous outdoor space that runs along the L-shaped interior living spaces. The project’s main and most important goal was to offer the clients a comfortable family living space that puts together modern and traditional elements using a seamless transition between them. Harmony and balance were at the core the project and of everything related to the interior design.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg deck loungeView in gallery
One side of the house also features an attic space accessible via a staircase
Cozy family home in Seltisberg glass front doorView in gallery
The entrance is on the lowest level, featuring a contrasting combination of glass and bricks

The modern-traditional combo is noticeable right from the entrance which features a set of minimalist glass doors framed by brick walls and exposed concrete. A wooden bench and a trio of concrete planters complete the bohemian and cozy image of the perfect family home.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg outdoor diningView in gallery
A large section of the house is a covered outdoor zone with panoramic views of the surroundings
Cozy family home in Seltisberg corner sectionalView in gallery
The glazed facade brings abundant natural light into the living spaces

The interior is bright and open, with full-height windows that let in lots of natural light and a very beautiful palette of materials and colors. The designers used an array of earthy shades combined with neutrals in order to induce a pleasant and inviting ambiance. The furnishings are meant to be comfortable and functional, with a focus on simplicity.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg double height living roomView in gallery
The main floor is divided into two sections, one with double-height ceilings and another with an attic extension
Cozy family home in Seltisberg kitchen island and windowView in gallery
The kitchen features a long window instead of the usual backsplash

The kitchen is white and open, featuring the staircase on one side. Instead of a tiled backsplash, it has a beautiful horizontal window that offers a relaxing view of the green landscape unfolding in front of it. All the furniture is white including the counters and the island, being complemented by the modern black appliances and matching window frame.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg colorful dining chairsView in gallery
The dining area is full of color and light and has a very cheerful and inviting decor
Cozy family home in Seltisberg interior social areaView in gallery
Each distinct area has its own special ambiance and decor even though they’re part of an open floor plan

The most colorful part of the open floor plan is the dining area which has a simple metal and wood table surrounded by upholstered chairs, each featuring a different and rich color as well as by a matching L-shaped bench.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg corner saunaView in gallery
Tucked in one of the corners is a small sauna with glass walls and wooden benches
Cozy family home in Seltisberg wood and concrete stairsView in gallery
The spiral staircase has a very graceful and elegant design, featuring a combination of wood and concrete
Cozy family home in Seltisberg staircase seen from aboveView in gallery
The staircase plays with the contrast between wood and concrete in a modern and elegant way

The staircase puts the spotlight on the pure nature of the materials used in its design. The combination of wood and concrete is a very inspired one. The materials complement each other with their contrasting textures and colors.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg upper level loungeView in gallery
Upstairs there’s a second, smaller lounge space also featuring a gray sectional

The upstairs sections is a private zone which houses the bedroom and a smaller lounge area. The bedroom is pretty bohemian with a platform bed and very cozy and welcoming, featuring a wood-paneled accent wall, a platform bed, an oversized painting on a wall and a freestanding oval tub.

Cozy family home in Seltisberg bedroom with tubView in gallery
The bedroom and its en-suite form an open space with the tub seating by the bed