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The Best Black and Decker Mouse Sanders for the Job

You’re finally there! After hours of hard work, your project is finally at the finishing stages. Just a few more steps and you’re ready to add varnish or paint. But what tool should you use to get the soft and smooth finish you’re looking for?

Black and Decker Mouse Sander

There are a lot of options out there regarding sanders, and they all have different purposes and function in different ways. In this article, we’ll look at the Black and Decker Mouse Sanders and the Black and Decker Orbitals to see what each tool does and where it’s best to use them. We’ll also include our top three choices based on performance and versatility. So, stick around to discover which mouse sander might be right for you.

Top 3 Picks

Best Value: Black + Decker 20V MAX Cordless Random Orbital Sander

This cordless sander is powered by a 20V MAX battery system giving it the power needed to handle many home repairs and DIY projects. A hook and loop system on the sanding pad makes changing paper quick and easy and the integrated dust collection system keeps your work surface and the air around it clean. All these great features in a body that is 30% smaller than the leading competitor’s model, really make this the best value sander on our list.

Best Budget Option: Black + Decker ¼ Sheet Orbital Sander

With paddle switch activation and the ability to sand at varying angles, this Black and Decker Orbital sander is a versatile little unit. Its high-performance dust collection system and try-layer filtration mean your work surface stays clean while you work. Able to finish sand wood, plastic, and metal, this sander has a lot of function for its price range.

Customer Choice: Black + Decker Mouse Detail Sander

With an ergonomic three-position grip and unique shape, the Mouse Detail Sander takes versatility to a whole new level. Already great for working on small pieces and in hard-to-reach areas, adding the included finger attachments allows you to sand the really tiny parts of your project. And the integrated dust collection system keeps your work surface clean. We’d say it’s pretty obvious why this little beauty is our customer choice.

About Black and Decker

About Black and Decker

Since 1910, Black and Decker has been a leader in innovative power tools, accessories, and small appliances, launching many ground-breaking tools through its one-hundred-year history. Founded by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker in Towson Maryland, Black and Decker rapidly became a household name. In 2014 the company rebranded its logo from the original Black & Decker to Black + Decker keeping the same iconic colors known the world over. Black and Decker remains one of the most popular brands of home and DIY tools on the market.

What is a Mouse Sander?

Created by Black and Decker, the mouse sander is a detail or finishing sander similar in function to an orbital. Mouse sanders are compact and lightweight, making it easy to sand in awkward spaces or on delicate objects.

The sanding pad on a mouse sander is a triangular shape that resembles the face of an iron. Sandpaper is installed directly onto the pad – usually with a loop and hook feature. Mouse sanders can perform in two ways, one being an orbital motion where it rotates in tiny circles on the surface you are sanding. The second function being an oscillating motion – with this function, the pad rocks back and forth in short arc-like movements.

Some mouse sander models are equipped to handle small attachments similar to rubber bits. These attachments add to the usability of these sanders by enabling them to reach even tinier spaces and tighter angles.

Do I Need a Mouse Sander?

If you have projects that require a soft, smooth finish, a mouse sander may be exactly what you need. Particularly if those projects contain odd shapes, small spots, or tight corners. Mouse sanders are ideal for projects like cabinet or furniture refinishing, smoothing intricate moldings, and many other craft and DIY projects. The added attachments you can get increase the functionality of these devices, making their possibilities virtually endless.

Different Types of Sanders

Mouse Sander

A lightweight and compact finish/detail sander ideal for getting smooth finishes on tiny surfaces, in tight corners, and other hard-to-reach spaces that larger sanders can’t get into. These tiny sanders operate in an orbital or oscillating motion.

Orbital Sander

A lightweight and versatile finish/detail sander best suited for sanding large surfaces to a soft and smooth finish. The sanding pad of these sanders is either square or rectangular and moves evenly in a circular motion.

Random Orbital Sander

Similar in use and function to the orbital sander, the random orbital is slightly more powerful. Like the orbital, the pad moves in tiny circular motions, but the random orbital pad also spins – creating random motion and leaving little to no swirl patterns on surfaces. The sanding pad is typically round and comes in 5- or 6-inch sizes.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are the most common type of sander out there and are best for grinding down metal or wood as well as smoothing wood surfaces and scribing material various materials. This type of sander can operate at different angles making it a pretty versatile tool. Caution should be taken, however, as these units can easily gouge surfaces if not used properly.

Rotary Sander

A rotary sander is similar in function to an orbital sander but is far more powerful and aggressive. The round sanding pad spins rapidly in circles and swiftly removes material it sands through. These sanders are ideal for large areas and can easily remove thick paint, varnish, and rust, and sand the rough surfaces of wood and metal.

Palm Sander

As the name suggests, the palm sander fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is another great choice for detail sanding in hard-to-reach areas. Most palm sanders have square sanding pads that are perfect for sanding tight, 90° corners. The sanding pad oscillates in tiny arc-like motions creating an ultra-smooth finish. These sanders are great for smoothing veneers, plywood, paint, and more.

Disc Sander

Disc sanders are meant more for shaping rather than sanding to a smooth finish. The disc shape sanding pad is designed so that you move the workpiece against the disc rather than the disc being moved around the surface of the piece.

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Combination Disc and Belt sander

Used to sand edges and flatten faces, this sander combination is great when you have a lot of work that you have to hold by hand to shape. The added benefit to these sanders is the space that’s saved by combining two tools into one.

File Sander

These slim, three-sided sanding belts are similar in function to belt sanders and are ideal for intricate edge work and shaping wood, tile, and some metal. Their slim design easily accesses tight crevices and spaces that a larger belt-sander would not be able to maneuver.

What Can I Sand with a Black and Decker Mouse Sander?

Mouse sanders are designed to typically sand wood to a soft and smooth finish, however, many can be used for finish sanding drywall and plastic pieces, while some can even sand soft metals. Always refer to the manufactures specifications and guidelines when determining what material you can safely sand with your Black and Decker Mouse Sander.

The Best Black + Decker Mouse Sanders

BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

The Black + Decker Mouse Detail Sander offers maximum control and comfort with an ergonomic three-position grip. Its unique shape and compact size make it ideal for sanding in tight spaces where larger sanders can’t go, and the included detail finger attachment allows you to sand even the smallest pieces.

This Black and Decker Mouse sander features a hook and loop system making paper changes quick and easy. The attached high-performance dust collection system with micro-filtration keeps your workspace clean and minimizes air-born dust.

At just 2.4 pounds, this corded sander is extremely compact and easy to use. It boasts torque of 1400 pounds and a speed of 16,000 orbits per minute. Included with this sander are one sanding pad, the finger attachment, and a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sands small spaces with precision
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Included finger attachment gets into the tiniest of spaces
  • Integrated Dust Collection System with micro-filtration


  • Not ideal for large jobs
  • Loud



The Black + Decker 20V MAX Mouse Sander (Tool Only) is a cordless sander that offers the power and performance you would expect from a corded model. Its ergonomic design provides added comfort for the user and its compact size makes it easy to control when accessing tight spots or maneuvering around corners.

The included finger attachment enables this Black and Decker Mouse sander to work in the tiniest of spaces with control and precision. The hook and loop system makes changing sandpaper easy and the onboard dust collection system keeps your workspace clean.

This 2.1-pound sander orbits at 12,000 OPM and runs on a 20V MAX battery system (battery not included with this model). It is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sands small spaces
  • Light and compact
  • Comes with a finger attachment for work in tiny and hard to reach spaces
  • Integrated dust collection system


  • This model does not include the required battery
  • Battery charge times may lead to down time while you wait

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Random Orbital Sander

The Black + Decker 20V MAX Cordless Random Orbital Sander runs on the 20V MAX battery system and offers enough power to tackle household repairs and many DIY projects.

This Black and Decker Orbital Sander features a hook and loop system allowing you to quickly change sandpaper and an integrated dust collection system that keeps your work surface clean.

This unit weighs 3.3 pounds and offers 12,000 OPM (orbits per minute) meaning you can remove old material and get a clean, smooth finish fast. And the compact design is 30% smaller than leading competitors. Included with tis model is the sander, one 20V MAX 1.5Ah battery, one charger, two 5-inch round sandpaper sheets, and a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Easy sandpaper replacement
  • Integrated dust collection system
  • Great power
  • 30% smaller than leading competitors


  • Battery charge times may increase down time while you wait

BLACK+DECKER Electric Sander

BLACK+DECKER Electric Sander

The Black + Decker ¼ Sheet Orbital Sander features a paddle switch activation located on the top of the sander, which enables you to activate it with the palm of your hand and lock it in the on or off position. Able to sand on three sides, this sander is comfortable to use and able to reach tighter spaces.

With a high-performance dust collection system and tri-layer filtration, this Black and Decker Orbital sander keeps your space clean while you work. It is ideal for finish sanding of wood, plastic, and metal.

This model is approximately 3 pounds and offers 2.0 amps and 16,000 OPM. It includes the sander, one sheet of sandpaper, one paper punch, one dust bag, and a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Paddle switch activation
  • High-performance duct collection
  • Ideal for wood, plastic, and metal


  • Not as compact as other models

BLACK DECKER Electric Sander

BLACK DECKER Electric Sander

The Black + Decker ¼ Sheet 1.5 Amp Electric Sander has a comfortable grip handle for easier use and features a dust-sealed power switch that is protected from dust and debris.

At 2.7 pounds, this corded sander runs at 1.5 amps and boasts a built-in dust collector. It is ideal for sanding furniture, surfaces, and crafts to a super-soft finish. It includes one sander, one sheet of sandpaper, one paper punch, one dust bag, and a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Dust sealed power switch
  • Built-in Dust collector


  • May be discontinued


Is a mouse sander the same as an orbital sander?

Mouse sanders and orbital sanders are similar, but not quite the same. The most obvious difference between the two is the shape of their sanding pads – an orbital sander has a square shape, while a mouse sander is triangular. Although they both finish sand, they function in slightly different ways. An orbital sander only operates in a circular motion, whereas a mouse sander can operate in an orbital motion, or it can be oscillating – moving back and forth in short arc-like patterns.

What is the best brand of mouse sanders?

Based on our findings, the best brand of mouse sanders is the Black + Decker brand, followed by Skil and Von Haus.

What is the average cost of a mouse sander?

The mouse sanders we looked at range in price from $42.00 to $98.00. The average price is around $63.00.


Mouse Sanders are the way to go for projects that contain small spaces, tight angles, or corners, and hard-to-reach surfaces. And knowing which sander will be right for you gets you one step closer to finishing the project you’ve worked so hard on. We hope this article has helped shed light on the options available as well as what each can do. Make sure to let us know if you found this article helpful and if you have any questions for us. Until next time!