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How To Choose An Angle Grinder For Your DIY Home Improvement Projects

Whether you are an avid craftsman, or you’d simply like to upgrade some of the most used and loved tools within your home, an angle grinder is a tool that will prove it’s worth time and time again.

best angle grinder

An angle grinder is most commonly used for grinding and polishing, and it’s used mostly for home or craft projects. This is an interchangeable and highly versatile tool that often times comes with a wide variety of attachments to tackle all sorts of jobs.

If you are looking for a new angle grinder, or you simply want to see what’s new with these types of tools these days, you’ve come to the right place. Within the article, we will break down some of the most prominent features of angle grinders and provide you with a list of some of the top-selling angle grinders that you can easily buy today.

Top Two Picks

Best Overall: PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

This Porter Cable Mas angle grinder tool offers a high performing motor with an angle grinder that produces over 8,000 rpms for all of your cutting needs. This machine is also perfect for removals such as removing rust and finishing details such as polishing. All these factors combined makes this machine the best overall, as it is a powerhouse that can do so many different types of jobs.

Best for Heavy Use: DeWalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder

This DeWalt grinder is the best cordless grinder for heavy use as it is extremely powerful and can be used for all kinds of jobs, including grinding, and cutting. This is a great machine to use for angle cutting and it comes with a quick-change wheel release which means the wheel can easily and quickly be released without having to stop and use a wrench. This means it will save you time and effort, and it will be easily ready from job to job without having to stop. 

What is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a powerful tool that can grind, buff, polish, sharpen, cut, and clean, depending on the types of attachments you buy for it. While some grinders will come with all sorts of different attachments, there are other basic grinders that come with the tool only and you can add on different attachments where you find necessary.

These are incredibly versatile tools that can cut and buff tile, metal, stone, concrete, and wood. This is basically the perfect tool for anyone who does at home DIY projects, woodworking or for someone who is great at flipping homes and needs a tool that can easily cut wood for shelving and at the same time buff tiles for laying flooring.

What is an Angle Grinder?

Types of Angle Grinders

There are two basic types of grinders: cordless and corded, but which style of these is highly versatile. Cordless grinders are convenient, but the downfall to these is that you need to make sure that the batteries are charged. Corded grinders will be more powerful to use, but you will always have to make sure that you are using it or working near an outlet. They are both great options, and each one has different types of grinding styles and attachments you can choose from.

To give you a look into the different styles, here is a list of the most prominent types of grinder you can find.

Surface Grinders

Surface grinders are used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. This type of grinder includes a spinning wheel covered in an abrasive surface to smooth out metallic or wood surfaces. This machine will make a myriad of materials flat and smooth.

Cylindrical Grinders

Cylindrical grinders are grinders that are used to shape the outside of an object. These types of machines can work on a variety of shapes, such as cylinders, ellipses, or crankshafts. Overall, these machines are great to use on anything that needs to be smoothed out that might have a difficult shape to work with.

Centerless Grinders

A centerless grinder is a machine that uses abrasive cutting to remove materials from a piece of work, such as an engine or more difficult to cut machines. These types of grinders work well in an automotive shop setting or really any mechanic work.

Internal Grinders

An internal grinder is a special grinding machine that can grind the internal diameter of a piece. This type of grinder typically uses rollers t process items such as paper, paint, steel, textiles, and some forms of rubber materials.

Angle Grinders

An angle grinder, sometimes known as a side or disc grinder, is a handheld tool that is perfect for grinding and polishing. This type of grinder is able to accommodate all kinds of attachments and is one of the more popular options when it comes to finding a perfect grinding tool.

How to Choose and Angle Grinder

How to Choose and Angle Grinder

While there are so many angle grinders to choose from, you may be wondering how to choose the best one. The following specifications will let you know how to look for a grinder that is ideal for your work and how these functions come into play.


It’s really not so much the size of the tool, but just how powerful it is that matters. There are plenty of compact grinders that will get the job done just as well as a larger grinder that won’t be difficult to hold and maneuver. With that said, the larger grinders will give you more power and are the best to tackle enormous jobs instead of just some jobs around the house. Industrial grinders are best for the installations of flooring for businesses or putting up walls to a home.

Disc Size

The DIY community loves the smaller discs that don’t go past five inches for household projects, but for more serious projects, you’re going to want a larger disc. A larger disc will easily scale a massive job in no time, where a smaller disc could scale the same job but at twice the time it will take. When it comes to larger discs, seven to nine-inch discs are ideal for a larger scale job, but would be way too big for a smaller hobby project, so make sure you are finding the appropriate disc size before tackling the job.


As far as type of grinder, you can choose from corded or cordless, and then choose the exact type of grinder you’d need from the list above. When it comes down to it, you can always buy a standard corded or cordless grinder that can work with varying attachments so you don’t have to invest in one type of grinder that could potentially be good for just one type of job. For example, why buy a surface grinder when you can buy an angle grinder that can accommodate multiple attachments? If you only need a surface grinder for large jobs, then that makes sense, but if you need a grinder to be able to do more functions, then an angle grinder is the way to go.

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Another factor to consider is just how much you plan to use your grinder. If you are using this machine for small jobs around the house, then a smaller, more compact grinder with interchangeable attachments may be your best bet. But, if you are trying to find a large grinder that can easily accommodate a large scale job, or if you work in construction or mechanics, then finding a larger grinder may be your best bet if you plan to use it on a more regular basis. It just depends on what you need and when you need it.


Voltage is another option that you might want to explore because a voltage will tell you more or less how powerful your grinder can be. The higher the voltage, the more powerful your machine will be. You will never want to use a grinder that is too powerful for the job as you can easily trip a breaker or even start a fire if you are not careful. Make sure you know how powerful your grinder is before each job and just how much electricity you can generate in the general area.

Cordless Options

Cordless options are great because they are smaller, more compact, and definitely easier to move around with. Cordless options will not be able to tackle a huge job, however, as they tend to run out of battery quickly. The nice things about cordless options is that they are great for smaller home projects where you will only need your grinder for a short time. Plus, the versatility in not being tethered to a certain area makes cordless grinders popular among the DIY community.


Kind of in the same vein as voltage, the wattage of your grinder will vary from machine to machine. Always read your electrical safety guidelines on any type of grinder that you buy before use, so you know just how much wattage you are dealing with before the start of any job.

Best Angle Grinders

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

This Porter grinder is great for cutting, removal jobs and finishing. It is a high-performance motor that can cast metal gear housing and help dissipate heat all while dong it. It’s contoured over molded handle is perfect for continuous use and comfort. The spindle lock on the machine also helps with quick and easy wheel changes so you won’t be wasting any time with this grinder. This grinder also comes with a guard that’s tool free to make quick and easy adjustments. This is a cordless grinder that has a battery and charger sold separately.


  • Highly powerful
  • Dissipates heat
  • Contoured handle
  • Easy wheel changes


  • Batter and charger sold separately
  • May be too big for some

Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder

Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder

This DeWalt grinder has a high-powered motor that is ideal for grinding and cutting and is able to use many different attachments for angle grinding. It comes with a quick-change release for the wheel which allows the tool to free the wheel without having to use a wrench, which is great for fast paced job settings. It has a tool free guard for easy adjustments and positioning and has a two-finger trigger switch with lock off button for easier activation and better grip.


  • Great for cutting and grinding
  • Angle grinder
  • Can take on many attachments
  • Quick wheel change release


  • May be too pricey for some
  • May be too big for some

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

This Black & Decker angle grinder has a metal gear case for durability and al longer life. This machine includes a three-position side handle that will add all the extra comfort you may need, not to mention plenty of control for any type of job. This machine comes with a spindle lock for easy accessory changes and includes ad small angle grinder, a metal grinding wheel, a spanner wrench, and a wheel guard.


  • Comes with a metal gear case
  • Has a three-position handle
  • Spindle lock
  • Has attachments


  • May be too small for some
  • May not be able to handle larger jobs

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

This DeWalt angle grinder is made of plastic and metal so it will give you a good grip and weight. The motor of this machine comes in 11,000 RPMs so it provides plenty of power considering the size and weight of it. This machine has a dust ejection system that will actually get rid of any dust and debris that could potentially damage it over time. This machine also has oversized brushes which are perfect for grinding. A large spiral bevel gear provides a long transmission life and a one touch guard allows for a smooth rotation.


  • Lightweight
  • Solid
  • Good grip functions
  • Has dust removal


  • May be too lightweight for some
  • May be too pricey for some

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2" Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

This Makita grinder comes with a powerful 7.5 AMP motor which means its great for higher outpower power with a more compact machine. It has a small diameter barrel grip for added comfort and an intricate construction seal system protects the motor and baring’s from dust and debris. This means that this grinder will just last for a longer time. This also has a lock on and off feature for continuous operation.


  • Powerful motor
  • Small diameter barrel grip
  • Intricate construction
  • Will protect motor from dust


  • May be too small for some
  • May not be ideal for larger jobs

SKIL 9295-01 6.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

SKIL 9295-01 6.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

This SKIL grinder features a powerful 6.0-amp motor with 11,000 RPMs. This machine features a toolless guard for quick adjustments and a heavy-duty meatal gear housing for added ruggedness and durability. This is a compact machine with greater comfort and control all while reducing vibration with a specially made handle and wrench storage.


  • Powerful motor
  • Tool less guard
  • Compact
  • Vibration reducing handle


  • May be too small for some
  • May not be great for large scale jobs

Tips for Using an Angle Grinder

There are so many ways to use an angel grinder, but before you go working on all your fun DIY projects, don’t forget to read some helpful tips on how to handle one.

How to Hold One

To hold your grinder, always make sure that you have a firm grip on the base of the grinder and keep your fingers and face away from the grinder attachment. If you are using a corded grinder, always make sure that your plug is within range of your power cord and that you are at no risk of falling or tripping on it, or anyone else at the job site, for that matter. Using a firm grip will help you maneuver your machine with precision and lessens the risks of any slips or scuffs.

Gear to Wear

As far as the types of protective gear to wear, wear long sleeves and heavy-duty pants if you are grinding anything that could potentially break the skin, such as wood or metal. Wearing gloves is necessary for all types of grinder work, as well as protective goggles to protects your eyes from getting debris from the grinder in them. Grinders work fast, so the odds of you being able to shield your eyes before particles get into them is low. Face protection is also sometimes needed when working with fibrous materials such as world or anything that will spew small chips at you.

Overall Safety

As far as overall safety, you are going to want to take the same precautions with a grinder that you would with any of your power tools. Always wear protective gear and wear eye and face protection as well. Better safe than sorry, you know! Also make sure that your plugs are clean and the cords to your machine, if using a corded grinder, is not frayed or damaged in any way to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

What Can You Grind?

Grinders are great to use a so many materials, such as metal, concrete, brick, wood, stone, etc. You can even use grinders to polish items such as tiles or silver. Grinders are highly versatile machines that can be used in so many different ways, and the best part is that you can buy so many different attachments to get whatever the job is done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What can you do with an angle grinder?

An angle grinder can be used for a myriad of things including extensive work at a job site or simple work for the craftsman or DIYer. They can be used within the home or out in the field depending on the job.

Why are angle grinders dangerous?

Angle grinders can potentially be dangerous if not handled properly. There is a spinning motor that will control the spinning discs that could potentially shoot out debris, so proper protective gear is needed before operating this machine.

What size angle grinder should I get?

The size of grinder you should get really depends on the type of job that it is. A smaller simpler job will need smaller grinders, whereas a larger tougher job will need larger grinders. Just look at the task at hand and go from there.

What is the best angle grinder on the market?

The best grinder on the market is the first featured grinder on our list from Porter. This grinder can be used with so many different attachments so you can’t go wrong with this grinder.


Overall, you can find any type of grinder for any type of job you may have. There are so many wonderful options within this list that are ideal for larger jobs and smaller jobs alike. Do you have any experience with any of these grinders? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to add your questions or comments below so that other users can get some helpful insight.