Beautiful Mystique hotel in Santorini

The Mystique hotel is located on the cliffs of Oia from where it offers unique and wonderful views of the Aegean Caldera, the volcano and the surrounding landscape. Mystique is more than a hotel. It’s a resort with a design similar to those seen in island getaways. It offers a total of 18 suites and villas that are spread on a surface of more than 2,000 square meters.

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All suites and villas feature elegant designs and beautiful interiors with handcrafted wood elements and structures made from local stone and glass. Some of them also have wooden decks but they all have elegant interiors, warm and inviting decors and they also offer beautiful views. Guests can relax in their suites, have fun in the plunge pool, relax in the lounge areas, have a drink at the pool bar, enjoy delicious meals and have a taste of the 150 year old wine at the restaurant or visit the surroundings.

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Mystique is a natural resort that attracts visitors from all over the world. In 2008 it even got an award for the Best Small Resort in the World. What’s particularly interesting about this place is that it manages to have a contemporary design while also being reminiscent of traditional designs and décor elements. It’s like the past has evolved and merged with the present in a harmonious way.