Beautiful Aqua Globe by Slide

When you see a globe of glass you may think of that magic glass globe which usually appears in the fairy tales or it is used be the real witches. This magic globe may show you some of the facts of your past life or facts related to your future. It may raise your credibility or prevent you from something. For those of you are superstitious, a little bit more naïve and believe in these sort of things, the activity of this “magic” globe may make you think of different kinds of things so that will influence your mood or way of thinking.

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This beautiful Aqua Globe is not a magic glass globe but will definitely create a magic atmosphere that will modify and influence all the surrounding landscape and everybody’s mood.It is a spherical source of light, created by Slide which can be used outdoor or indoor.

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It is made of polyethylene so it has a lightweight structure. These features allow it to float on the water surface of your pool so that you may think that you get the real moon in your yard.

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These wonderful “snowballs” of light will also transform your interior décor into a great magic land where you might think you have landed on and they will light each step that you will make in the exploration of this space too.