Bathroom Cabinet Colors And Designs That Will Fulfill Any Need

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to home remodeling. But the truth is, we spend so much time in our home bathrooms that they deserve attention. When starting a new home renovation project, it is important to consider the bathroom cabinet colors and designs that will fulfill any need. The best place to start is with the vanity, a focal point in all bathrooms.

There are many bathroom vanity colors and bathroom cabinet colors

There are many bathroom vanity colors and bathroom cabinet colors to choose from. But we have here some of the most common as well as the most unique designs and pairings that you’ll find. What combo suits your personality? 

17 Beautiful Bathroom Cabinet Color Design Ideas

Walnut With Gold Trim

Bathroom double vanity

Dark walnut is a classic color for any furniture piece. The deep chocolate tone is tasteful yet bold. That’s why walnut is one of the few perfect bathroom vanity colors. The best feature about walnut is that it goes well with anything.

However, we’ve decided the white and gold trim is ideal for the bathroom. White keeps things light and clean, while the gold adds a refined look necessary for a bathroom. A square tub and koi fish complete this look. 

Black With White Granite

Bathroom double vanity

Black and white work well together. For bathrooms, black cabinets with white countertops are ideal. While it would be easy to use solid black cabinets and solid white countertops, that’s not what we’ve done here.

The countertops are white, infused with black, adding a glimmer to them. That way, when the black sinks are added, the design comes to fruition. As an added, unique layer, agate wallpaper covers the walls. 

Floating White Vanity

Bathroom double vanity

Floating cabinets and sinks are trending. The way they make a room look bigger adds another dimension to your bathroom. Pair them with a floating toilet and bright lights and your bathroom will look futuristic. 

If you do choose floating cabinets, consider adding unique backlit mirrors as well. While backlighting isn’t the only new thing you can do with mirrors, it is one of the most affordable. 

Standalone Sink With Gold Accents

Bathroom double vanity

If you don’t need the cabinet space, then not utilizing it is a smart way to increase floor space. Not only would it add more room in your bathroom, but it would also make it look bigger.

One great way to use extra space would be to slide a chair underneath the sink. If you do this, it will be available for when you want to have a private chat. Short barstools are ideal since they come without a backrest. 

Pincushion Cabinet And Appliances 

Bathroom double vanity

Adding pincushion furniture and decor is a great way to take your room to the next level. The pattern’s quilted look is distinguished and cozy, a rare balance indeed. And this is where the pincushion look comes in. 

Although upholstered furniture isn’t ideal for a bathroom, you can fake it with ceramic appliances and cabinets. These are button-tufted with silver buttons accenting each of the indentions.

If you can’t find a pincushion cabinet, remember, Victorian-style cabinets will have the same effect. 

Solid Marble Cabinets And Countertops

Bathroom double vanity

While marble countertops look great in bathrooms, not many people consider solid marble cabinets and countertops. The look is heavy unless the marble is white, as white adds an airiness to a room. 

After you add pearls and candelabras, you will have the most elegant bathroom possible and one that doesn’t clutter your cabinets with hardware. This sleek look may be expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.

Oak With Creamy Colors

Bathroom double vanity

Oak is one of the most affordable and attractive wood grains available on the market. It is light enough to make your bathroom feel peaceful but dark enough to go with other darker colors. The ideal colors to add with oak are creamy colors.

Those are a few reasons why oak is popular. Remember, not all wood grains are solid wood. Some have cork interiors while others are laminated, and make for an affordable look. 

White Ceramic Vanity

Bathroom double vanity

Ceramic sinks are the most popular bathroom sinks available, but not many have a ceramic vanity. Most ceramic sinks are pedestal or basin sinks. But this combo pairs a drop-in with a unique modern cabinet. 

Together, they are sleek, contemporary, and sophisticated. The black border adds contrast while the silver hardware adds class. Set it against tile floors and walls and you have one exquisite piece of furniture. 

L-Shaped Cabinets

L-Shaped Cabinets Grey Color

L-shaped cabinets like these are usually reserved for laundry rooms and kitchens. But they can work just as well in a bathroom if you have the space for them. This gives room for a sink, a preparation area, and storage. 

If you’re having trouble picking bathroom cabinet colors for l-shaped cabinets, consider using multiple colors. One side can be black, the other walnut, leaving white for the countertops. When you have three colors to work with, the possibilities are endless. 

Black On Black

Bathroom double vanity

Believe it or not, you don’t need much of a contrast if the base color appeals to you. Many people are choosing primarily white or black bathrooms. Since walls are usually painted white, black is easy to stand out.

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This particular setup is even more amazing due to the addition of the standing armoire. Slim armoires can be used for medicine, makeup, and bathroom accessories. If you get one with glass, then use rolled towels to decorate. 

Mirrors And Parallel Cuts

Bathroom double vanity

The straight lines in this bathroom are what sets it apart. The side cabinet is made of mirrors, an appealing feature, but the entire bathroom comes together with straight, symmetrical lines. 

While most marble and granite have a swirly effect, this stone is cut in straight lines. It looks like the stone had been layered previously and was cut vertically. This effect is unique and adds sophistication to the pattern. 

Ebony Wood Grains

Bathroom double vanity

If walnut is still too light for you, then consider an ebony wood. It may be more expensive than walnut but you can get a cheaper wood like oak and stain it with an ebony wood stain. An ebony stain is no more expensive than an oak stain. 

However, a genuine ebony wood cabinet will add value to your bathroom that a stain won’t. If you can find a custom cabinet maker then you have struck gold. Get an estimate and find out what you can afford. 

Matte Silver Doesn’t Fog

Bathroom double vanity

While chrome may appeal to you, a matte metal doesn’t stain, fog, or rust as easily. For that reason, matte metals are more practical than shiny metals. These metals are also more appealing to someone who wants a relaxing atmosphere. 

Shiny materials tend to distract while matte blends in with its surroundings, letting you become one with them as well. Notice how zen rooms and spas don’t have many distracting features. This bathroom definitely needs a spa bathtub! 

Yellow Cabinets

Yellow Cabinets color

Yellow is the brightest color on the color wheel. At least according to most human eyes. If you want a bathroom that speaks of sunshine and joy, then yellow is your color. Not everyone needs to relax, some people just need a little sunshine. 

If that someone is you, then yellow will turn your day upside down, especially in the winter when the days are shorter. Yellows are great living room and bedroom colors, so why not apply them to bathroom cabinets?

Gold And Crown Molding 

Bathroom double vanity

Crown molding is usually found used as trim along the edge of ceilings. But in this case, it’s used to accentuate the other royal features in the bathroom. This entire cabinet was designed with crown molding in mind. 

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What’s unique about this, aside from the pattern, is that it nearly reaches the ceiling. This all-in-one type of cabinet isn’t easy to find, but if you do find one, it’s a gem. One statement piece is all it takes. 

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

Orange is becoming one of those colors that’s used more as a neutral than a bold color. Especially when the orange color is rust or bronze orange. When orange is dark enough, it is similar to bright brown. 

Because of this, it is often paired with brown or dark wood grains. There’s something retro about orange, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, you won’t find a better color to design your bathroom with than orange. 

Wood Grain With Floating Medicine Cabinet 

Bathroom double vanity

There are so many unique features in this bathroom and it’s a wonderful way to wrap things up. The medium grain wood works well with any bathroom and the pristine white makes the bathroom look extremely tidy. 

But it’s the practical uses that really shine here. The risen sinks prevent spills and accidents while the floating medicine cabinet puts dangerous items out of reach for tiny children. All around, this is a safe choice that will add depth to any bathroom. 

Like you’ve now seen, there are plenty of unique bathroom cabinet colors and bathroom vanity colors to dress up any bathroom. Make a bold statement or keep things zen. We all need different things out of our bathroom, find what works for you.