At The Junction Between Art And Restaurant Inside The New Bar Raval

Bar Raval is a new and very interesting addition to the city of Toronto. It’s a tapas-style bar envisioned by chef Grant van Gameren and designed by PARTISANS. The request was unusual: “an art piece”. The team fulfilled the task beautifully and, at that point, the owner had to admit that Bar Raval is “as much an art piece as a restaurant”.

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The restaurant covers a total area of 1980 square feet and is indeed an architectural sculpture. The handcrafted steel latticework that covers the front and side windows only let the passers by catch a glimpse at what’s truly amazing: the interior design of the restaurant.

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Strips of sinuous mahogany form unique furniture that wraps around the walls and envelops those inside in beauty and elegance. Everything is fluid and delicate and this influences the ambiance inside the bar.

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The designers worked directly with MCM Inc. to create the interior. The company had to adjust their software in order to create over 9 km of engravings on 75 panels of wood. The rippling surfaces were designed using advanced digital methods and they’re a reinterpretation of classical Art Nouveau elements.

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After creating a highly detailed model of the space, the designers were able to then insert the prefabricated components directly into the building with minimal impact. The wood and all the sinuous lines and delicate ripples create a highly comfortable and welcoming ambiance, drawing people in and inviting them to come back.

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The ceiling is carved out and features warm cove lighting that plays with shadows to highlight the unique features of the bar, walls and everything else.

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In addition to combining looks and functionality so beautifully throughout, the team also designed a custom-made acoustic system for this space. As you can see, everything is customized and exquisitely detailed in here. This offers the restaurant a lot of character, allowing it to stand out from the rest.

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This is a fantastic interior design and we mean that literary. As soon a you step inside it’s like you’re in a different world defined by a unique sense of style and dominated by organic influences visible in the way the windows are shaped or the way everything interacts with everything else.

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