Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseilles,France

The hotel ‘Au Vieux Panier’ is one of pure art imagination, and he is situated in Mareilles, France. Those who own hotels and want to renovate their spaces, are very serious about filling the space with art, and the artists, who came with the ideas, are becoming more creative with the available space. Artists starting from ‘Tilt” created the dual room ‘half-grafitty’ ‘half-pure-white’, until the design studio Mass Confusion created ‘The Purgatory Palace’.

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Splash of color in different rooms will fill you with life and a good mood, and in this way you will spend wonderful days with the ‘Au Vieux Panier’. The most normal room, if you let me say ‘normal’, is the ‘Land of the Moon’ created by Eugénie Bergeon. And one of the most interesting is the ‘Fusion room’ design and created by Philippe Baudelocque. In this room, or the bedroom, seems that dreams, from those who share the bed for a good sleep, unite and form a single more stronger and powerful dream. It’s a little bit of an imagination space.

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Seems like a relaxing place removed from reality. It’s like I’ve been to an exhibition of paintings and I transposed, for a while, in paradise. Besides all the brilliant hotel rooms, we have at the top of the hotel, a small terrace where we can enjoy morning coffee and read a good book in the beautiful light of the sun.