Artistic and very creative kitchen wall décor

It’s difficult to get creative when you decorate your kitchen. We usually just stick with the classics and opt for wallpaper, colorful walls or maybe some themed stickers. But if you manage to think out of the box and you also have the talent for it you can come up with some really ingenious and creative ideas such as this one.

Global City Wall by Deck Two5View in gallery

It’s hard to believe that these are the walls of a kitchen. The walls are covered in drawings and they form a fluid composition. They represent monuments from the biggest cities of the world and they are all made part of a continuous design. The result is a very artistic and highly original wall décor. It’s an amazing idea that could be adapted for other rooms as well. Of course, not all of us are as talented as the owner of this home.

Global City Wall by Deck TwoView in gallery

Global City Wall by Deck Two1View in gallery

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Global City Wall by Deck Two4View in gallery

The artist managed to cover two white walls with black and white drawings. For him, these walls literally represented a blank canvas and he was able to use his creativity and to come up with something really amazing that shows his passion for drawing. This is a very inspirational project. As you can see, the drawings are very complex and meticulous. Creating something so complex is difficult, especially when you work with big surfaces such as this one. Nevertheless, this artist makes everything seem very easy and natural.