Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Usually when you go out of town for more than a day you book a room at the hotel and you expect to find a normal and impersonal hotel room where you will have all the things necessary to ease your stay, but nothing out of the ordinary, as the hotel guys have to please all tastes. But if you hate exactly this feature – the impersonality of hotel rooms and , besides, you are an artist, too, you might want to visit the Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin.

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It is also called the Art Hotel because it displays the works of art of many German young artists. The design of each room is carefully chosen so as to to fit perfectly the artistic act that is in the room. For example the picture above fits perfectly with the black leather couch and armchair and the red pillows are real representations of the red books falling from the walls.

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I can guarantee you that you will be really impressed, no matter what room you may choose there and you will not forget this experience soon. It is everything BUT boring and impersonal and you have the chance to meet real art belonging to different artistic currents and also different visions. Some of them may be apocalyptic and some really sweet, some totally post-modernist works of art and some closer to the classical wave.

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Honestly I don’t know if I could sleep with half of a red horse hanging down from the wall, but the concept is amazing. I guess you only go there as if you went to an art museum, not because you don’t have a place to sleep. And it is worth it.