A Gypsy caravan In The Middle Of The Forest

This caravan has been parked in the middle of this beautiful forest a few years ago and has remained there ever since. It’s surrounded by cedar trees and it’s been parked close to the lake, which is why the sound of the water can also be heard from there. The caravan measures 8’ wide and 20’ long. It has no wheels but it can be moved by a truck or tractor.

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The caravan was built on a salvaged 5 ton truck chassis. The floor sits on a metal frame and has 2 x 4 framed walls sitting on top of it. It also has a curved roof. The wagon was built by combining traditional methods with ingenious solutions. It was built using a combination of new and recycled materials. For example, the floors and the windows are recycled but they are perfectly functional and they have a charming vintage feel. The round window was originally a 1970’s picnic table top.

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The roof is made from flexible metal sheeting in order to accommodate the curved design and the entrance. The design and location of this caravan make it resemble a gipsy wagon. The exterior allows it to seamlessly integrate into the landscape while the interior in inviting, cozy and quite elegant. It’s a well-organized space and it has been decorated with mostly traditional furniture. The color palette is neutral.{found on inhabitat}.