An Architect’s Stylish New Home in Singapore

Being able to make your home look exactly the way you want is something we all dream of doing. However, it’s only possible for few people who are professionals in the domain. In such cases, they get to work at their own home and they get to include all the great features that they gathered over the years. You might imagine the result being a very complicated design with a lot going on. But it can very well be something very simple, like this beautiful apartment.

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This apartment is located in Bishan Town, Singapore. It’s an architect’s new home and it was designed by AO Studios. Benefiting from a central location in the city, the apartment also offers beautiful views. The goal for this project was to make the apartment feel spacious and to allow it to feel clutter-free and very simple.

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This is a 3-bedroom apartment but one of the bedrooms became a dining room for the moment. Unlike most modern homes, the living room and the kitchen don’t share the same space. the owners wanted a private living room where they could enjoy movies with their guests without being bothered by anything else.

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The spare bedroom was transformed into the dining room but it took the architects ingenuity in order to fit everything in the room. A six-person dining table is the star of the room and bookshelves can be seen on the walls. The dining room and the guest room are adjacent and a 3-way sliding door system was designed in order to make these spaces more easily accessible.