An amazing place for your summer

This propriety looks just like the big mansions you only see in movies about Hollywood stars. And the most amazing thing is that, from above it looks like a Water Park, just perfect for your holydays. Located at 106 Stone Canyon Ride in Boulder City, this foreclosure has even his own lazy river. Lying on 1.59 landscape acres, this awesome propriety has 9.245 square feet of living space that host 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, large entertaining rooms and a garage for eight cars. The interior it`s very stylish and luxurious, because of the modern furniture and the way the lights are put. So, the lighting system is very important for keeping the lovely atmosphere of the house. The large rooms, a lot of space and little furniture make the place look perfect when you see it.

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And the massive wood-made pieces of furniture show that the owners are very pretentious ones. Even if it`s not so tall, the house looks like a little palace with well chosen furniture and interior design.But the most important piece of this propriety is the amazing backyard oasis. It looks like it is painted and not real, a mixture of lovely colors that make feel like you`re not on Earth anymore. So, they didn`t take care only of the interior of the house, because the yard looks like is designed very carefully, piece by piece and is perfect for spending there your entire summer.

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And, continuing about the awesome exterior yard, there are some things that you can find here: a 20 foot diving pool with rock waterfall and grotto, a replica of an old town shop, tennis court, two putting greens and of course the amazing lazy river that I already told you about.