Amazing steel army boxes transformation

To demonstrate to each and every one  of you that with a bit of imagination we can transform everything in something I’m going to show you a very unique way to create  storage units for your household. These green boxes are actually army boxes used to store ammunition and other military equipment. Paulina Arcklin saw a great potential in them and she decided to buy several military destined items and to transform them into a great furnishing. Among the 6 boxes she also ordered  5 military tables.

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To make these items suit her needs and desires she painted them two times , once with  a white undercoated and once with a white gloss.  The robust military items worked out perfectly and the result can be seen in her stylish home.  Perhaps this situation is unique, because I didn’t heard any other people to buy military items and to integrate them in their homes as usual , common objects destined for our daily tasks and needs.

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The project itself  deserve to be appreciated thanks to its originality and because such items can’t be found at any corner , and also because it took a lot of courage to try integrating  in your modern interior  design dull military objects, that are made strictly for a well determined task.  In this arrangement and in this décor, we have to admit that military boxes can not only look good but, be functional as well. I would have to mention though , that this is not the simplest answer to the storage problem.