The redesigned Adega Casa da Torre winery, now more charming than ever

I don’t know about you but I don’t know a lot about wineries. I imagine them as spaces surrounded by a lot of wood and with a rustic and charming feel. In fact, I pretty imagine a winery looking like this building. This is the Adega Casa da Torre winery. It’s located in Portugal and it recently went through a series of changes.

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The changes were due to the legal regulations and were meant to make the place more hygienic and favorable for creating amazing wine. The winery went from shabby to upscale. Its design and structure had to be recreated and the designers had to rethink the whole thing. This is a case where new regulations and the need to follow new rules made the place better and created an enthusiasm for producing even better wine.

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The facility had to be re-sized. The southern and western side had to be sheltered from the sun. After all the changes have been implemented, this is how the winery looks like now. The entrance is on the eastern part. The structure has a laminated timber roof and, inside, the timber vats have been replaced by stainless steel equipment. Everything is now more functional and more hygienic and these changes also brought with them a new design and a fresh new look for the winery but without diminishing its rustic charm. The wood and stone exterior is beautiful and the design and shape of the building are also faithful to traditional architecture elements.