A contemporary CuCoo Clock by Stefan Hepner

You probably all remember those pendulum clocks that your grandparents might have had. They are traditional clocks usually made of wood and have a very specific design with few variations. It’s a design that basically disappeared for a while. Well… it’s back but with a whole different look. It’s a huge update on the design.

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Basically, the principle behind the design is the same. However, it’s a completely different approach. This contemporary CuCoo Clock was designed by artist Stefan Hepner. It’s made of cast resin and it proposes a different approach on the traditional pendulum clock. The overall shape is reminiscent of the original designs but it’s an entirely different story. This CuCoo Clock features a faceted shape that gives the clock we sued to know a whole different look. The nostalgic pendulum clock is still a part of the design but only through analogy.

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This modern version of the clock is made of cast resin with quartz movement and metal parts. It’s handcrafted in a studio from Brooklyn, New York. This clock is a wonderful statement piece and it’s like a huge update of the traditional pendulum clock we used to know. The CuCoo Clock is entirely white with artistically designed clock hands that have an antique look and a subtle reference to the original design. These small details are black for a strong visual contrast and a timeless appearance.