5 of The Biggest World Buildings

While you travel around the world you have the chance to see many impressive specific things which usually are the emblem of these regions which you visit.Most of these impressive things were realized by man using his imagination and creativity.Here are some 5 hugest and highest buildings created by man and which amazed people all around the world.

1. UNC Charlotte’s Center City Building.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Charlotte’s Center City Building is a high construction where cultural activities occupy a central place. It is a building which has 12 floors and 143.000 square feet. It is designed by the firm Kieran Timberlake and the main goal was to be used for Charlotte’s MBA program, classes in health services and architecture.

2. Burj Dubai-the World’s Tallest Building.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Bill Baker is the designer of one of the tallest buildings in the world called previously Burj Dubai. Then it was named Burj Khalifa in the honor of United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al- Nahayan.It is a needle- shaped tower made of concrete, glass and steel and measures 828 meters. It includes more than 200 floors, but only 160 are inhabited, the rest of them are used for services.

3. Cultural Centre and Art Museum in Hong Kong.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

If you are attracted to Asian culture you will also appreciate this controversial odd building which houses the Cultural Centre and Art Museum in Hong Kong.It is a huge building with a dynamic shape. Its roof has the shape of waves. Although it is a building without windows it is a spacious and airy construction.

4. Flower Blossom Architecture.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Another high building is this construction realized by the Greek firm Petra Architects. It is a beautiful, modern building with two towers arranged as if they create the image of a flower that is in blossom.Access in the building can be done from the ground floor and through the two symmetrical structures located on each side of the tower’s base.

A special place is cafeteria which is located at 135 meters above ground and which offers you a gorgeous, panoramic view of Dubai and the surrounding Zaabeel Park.

5. Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

A construction which will be finished in 2011 is Trump International Hotel and Tower located in the middle of Palm Jumeirah.

It is a building which consists of two towers which are conjoined at the top. On one part of the tower is a hotel and on the other part there are spaces for residential purposes.It has 62 floors and has 886 feet. It is a place where you can also relax and enjoy all its recreational facilities: swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centers, spas, private beaches, tennis courts, gardens.

Architects have always tried to impress the others through their personal style or let their personal print on their creations.These high and huge buildings create you the feeling that you almost can touch the sky although you are just a simple mortal. It makes you think of how powerful man can be using his imagination and creativity although you live in an immense world.