3-Dimensional Sergio Rossi Shop in Casablanca, Morocco

The Sergio Rossi Shop has opened its doors to a new location in Casablanca, Morocco. Designed by Younes Duret Design, this new shop presents a new independent, free-thinking design that will blow your mind.

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Continuing to collaborate on the Men’s Footwear World Tour with the Wallpaper magazine, Sergio Rossi has decided to expand his business by opening a second men’s shoe store in Galeries Lafayette. The concept of the whole project was inspired by the essence of ‘Sergio Rossi’ man, a seductive man who is on a constant journey of discovery.

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Everything about Morocco is fabulous. It is a country where garment is great with refined kaftans and colorful djellabas, where craftsmanship is particularly rich and architecture is majestic. Taking all of this into consideration the store had to be a creative modern inflection on an ancient form. The design consists of a mantlepiece of a repeated 3-dimensional oriental pattern. Everything is made to capture your eye, starting with the material and colors used, the extra detailing and the high-quality craftsmanship.

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The motto of the company is “we steer clear of the conventional, we decry the formulaic, we re-invent the classic”. The Sergio Rossi Shop is a great place where creative and interesting ideas come to life.