17th Century Oil Mill Transformed Into A Serene Retreat

Located in Salento, Italy, this 17th century oil mill was discovered by designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba who saw the potential it had and decided to turn it into one of their amazing custom creations. They transformed this unique piece of history into a wonderful and serene retreat that now serves as their vacation home.

17th century oil mill Salento

When searching for a vacation house in this area, the couple found this old oil mill and immediately fell in love with it. They understood the potential it had and knew they could turn it into a dreamy retreat. They wanted to put their own imprint on the house while preserving most of the original features such as the ancient stone floors, the walls and the beautiful arches. They wanted this place to be a combination of modern and ancient elements.

17th century oil mill Salento1

17th century oil mill Salento2

17th century oil mill Salento3

17th century oil mill Salento4

In order to make the mill habitable, several changes had to be made and the main challenge was imposed by the lack of windows. The architects had to find a way to bring light inside this fortress. The solution was to carve a series of skylights and to open up the back of the building.

17th century oil mill Salento5

17th century oil mill Salento7

17th century oil mill Salento6

They created a patio that lets natural light get inside the house while also emphasizing the connection with the outdoors. The preserved ancient features add charm to this place and give it character, even though they are not always the most practical or functional choice.{found on dwell}.