13 Creative Repurposing Ideas For A Beautiful Décor Created On A Budget

Every once in a while we all feel the need for a change in our home. We get tired of the old décor and we wish we could change something, give it a fresh touch, even if it’s not such a great change after all. But most often we feel restraint by the lack of money. Yet there are also solutions that can help you change your home décor and that don’t require you spending too much money. Repurposing objects can do that. For example:

Sewing designView in gallery

An old sewing table with a beautiful antique look could become your new kitchen island. It would be an interesting conversation topic and an unusual decoration. It would be great for a small kitchen and quite useful for storage as well.

Old door like headboardView in gallery

A couple of weathered doors could easily become your new headboard. To avoid creating discrepancies in your bedroom’s décor, you might also want to include an old cabinet with a similar weathered finish. It’s a very interesting way of repurposing old doors.

Design bathroom ledderView in gallery

An old ladder would be useful in the bathroom. You could use it as a towel hanger with multiple levels. Find a good place for it and lean it against the wall, preferably near the bathtub or sink, where you know you usually need towels close at hand.

Music instrument tableView in gallery

In the living room, a drum could take the place of your old coffee table. Cover it with a glass top and you’ll get a unique coffee table with an original base. If you have more than one drum you can use them as a pair or you could turn one of them into a side table.

Old suitcase tableView in gallery

Vintage suitcases are real treasures. They are great for repurposing and you can use them in lots of different ways. For example, two suitcases stacked on top of each other could make an interesting coffee table replacement for your porch or deck.

Suitcase dogView in gallery

Another creative way of repurposing suitcases is to turn one into a lovely bed for your little dog or cat. You only need the bottom half of the suitcase and a soft blanket. You can also add legs to raise it a little above the ground. You can also paint it to give it a more attractive look.

Night standView in gallery

An old suitcase and a chest, stacked on top of each other, would also be a great recipe for a nightstand or bedside table. Two or three suitcases could also work if you can’t find a chest. You might want to give them a fresh new look and paint them in order to give them a more cohesive look.

Old chair night standView in gallery

If you have an old rustic shutter and you’re thinking of throwing it away, you might want to change your mind. It might not be your first guess, but a rustic shutter could become an interesting decoration for your bedroom. For example, here we have an old shutter paired with a vintage chair, a guitar and a stone lamp, a beautiful arrangement for the bedroom.

Old table sinkView in gallery

This bathroom features a very interesting décor. Instead of the vanity there’s an antique farm table/desk. Its weathered look gives it character and its design makes it great for storing baskets underneath. The rustic wood framed mirror completes the décor.

Ladder designView in gallery

We mentioned this idea with another occasion as well but this is a great opportunity to do it again. A pair of double ladders might not seem very useful once they get old but if you’re clever you can repurpose them and turn them into an original bookshelf for the home office.

Old window to mirrorView in gallery

An old window frame can be turned into an interesting mirror for your living room. All you have to do is replace the transparent glass with mirrors. Then hang it on a wall, wither vertically or horizontally. You can either sand and repaint the frame or leave it as such for a plus of character.

Bathroom designView in gallery

Here’s another crazy and fun idea: if you have an old grocery scale that you no longer use either because it’s broken or because you got a new one, don’t just throw it away. It could become an extra towel holder for the bathroom.

Night stand bedsideView in gallery

The last repurposing idea we offer you today is for the bedroom. It’s an idea you might have seen already put in practice. It’s an old barrel used as a nightstand. If you don’t like the way the barrel looks like you can give it a good sanding before you repurpose it.

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