10 World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

If you are financially potent and a simple hotel room isn’t enough and you want the best you can get, here there are some examples of places in which you can be treated as you’ve  never been before.For 7,600 $ per night the Wakaya Royal Suite in Fiji offers you an  airy luxurious  opend place with the ocean beneath  your feet.

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Wakaya Royal Suite, Wakaya Club, Fiji $7,600/night.

Brook PH Claridge’s London  is a location offering for its guest comfort and a warm ambiance with plenty of natural light.It charges 8,600  $ per night.

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Brook PH, Claridge’s, London $8,600/night.

The Peninsula Suite in Hong Kong offers the best view over the surroundings.A mix between skyscrapers and lush vegetation combined with water all around it.This is the place for you if you’re willing to spend 9,200 $ per night.

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Peninsula Suite, Peninsula, Hong Kong $9,200/night.

Cannes offers the Presidential Suite located in the Martinez Hotel, and for $ 18K/ night it features all the things you can imagine worthy of a Presidential Suite.

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Presidential Suite, Martinez Hotel, Cannes $18K/night.

If you want to spend 25,000 $ a night in a large  suite with  an intricate interior design and expensive materials, Bridge Suite in Bahamas offers not only that but way more.See it for yourself!

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Bridge Suite, Atlantis, Bahamas $25K/night.

In  L.A. there is this Regent Beverly Wilshire  spot, offering for $ 25 K + 15.466% tax/ night the Penthouse Suite.Beside all the things worthy for its price , this place offers the best view over the “City Of Angels” .

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Penthouse Suite, Regent Beverly Wilshire, L.A. $25K + 15.466% tax/night.

At Four Seasons, NY, there is the Ty Warner Suite for you.Modern, luxuriant  and with all the aditional servicies the charge per night  ( $ 35,000 ) doesn’t  seem that much.

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Ty Warner Suite, Four Seasons, NYC $35K/night.

For 40,000 $ /night  this place is truly amazing.Hugh Hefner Sky Villa,Palms, Las Vegas is the every man’s dream for spending a night in a place with the playboy trademark.The luxuriant locations offer marvelous views over the city.

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Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms, Las Vegas $40K/night.

The Presidential Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva offers only pure beauty.For 53,000 $/night I bet it has a very exclusive clientele.

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Presidential Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva $53K/night.


The famous Burj al Arab, U.A.E.  offers the Royal Suite or 60,000 $ + 20% tax/ night.In this place gold was   considered a building material, and I think that this  fact pretty much  covers it.

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Royal Suite, Burj al Arab, U.A.E $60K + 20% tax/night.

After seeing all these wonderfull places, ordinary people  like myself can only dream that one day I’ll  be  that important to be a special  guest in such “hotel rooms”.{source informations huffingtonpost}