The Help from your Kitchen

The kitchen machine is in every woman’s dream. I say that, because it does all the hard work we have to do when we cook for our family members. Imagine how hard is to make by hand your mayonnaise, every time you want to make a salad. That’s why, when these machines appeared, they didn’t only been very appreciate but also very bought.Now, you find one in every home, because it helps you cook faster and better. But, an improvement is always well received.

For that, we present you the KMX80 a striped and retro styled Kenwood Barcelona kMix that is a very special kitchen machine. It combines utility with design and I bet it will look awesome in your fancy kitchen. It is an amazing object because of his controles that are very well placed and the easy-fit attachment outlets that makes him looks very fancy and modern. The cover is a combination of happy colors and I know it will bring happiness to your kitchen.

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And his proprieties are very good: a 5 litre stainless steel bowl with large handle, 0.50 kW motor, planetary mixing action, and a range of clever attachments to choose from. It gives you the possibility to use large quantities of ingredients unique Fold function enables the bowl tool to revolve 2.5 times so the ingredients will be better incorporate without losing any air.

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It will be a delight for you to cook when you’ll know you have a help in the kitchen. And this machine will make you try to cook new food or new combinations and flavors.And all your female friends will adore it.