Make Your Room Look Boho or Bohemian

Luxury, comfort and romance are all words that perfectly describe a Bohemian décor, making it the ideal décor choice when setting an atmosphere of your room. Bohemian style is a very different décor style and is largely based on use of lots of artistic elements. It is very much alike to the foreign gypsy look, and it gives you the exceptional opportunity to showcase your artistic abilities.

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Follow the below mentioned tips if you desire to make your room look Boho or Bohemian look –

1) You need to start with the decoration of your walls. Select gloss or semi-gloss paints in bohemian colors such as browns, dark reds, gold, and purple. Remember that the Bohemian look is marked by rich colors, so stay away from vibrant, bright and pastel shades.

2) Decorate your room with large, wooden and ornate furniture pieces to impart a bohemian look. Large armoires, four poster beds, linen chests are some of the options. Vintage furniture pieces stained in dark mahogany wood is also very Bohemian.  You may also use a large chest for decoration in your living room, which may also be used as a storage space.

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3) Contrast your dark furniture and walls with delicate and light linens such as lace and satin. Select bedspreads, pillows and curtains that are feminine and elegant. Sheer fabrics that drape beautifully can be used for decorating the tables, armoires, windows and even your four poster bed. Select colors such as pinks, creams, whites and beige with subtle accents in silver or gold to add a romantic touch to the room.

4) Set off the atmosphere of your Bohemian themed room with cool lighting. Bright lights are a complete “NO”. Make use of low wattage lamps. Use candles all around the room. Drape your existing lamps in fabrics to match it with the décor. You may also hang a traditional lantern in a corner of a room.

5) Finally, finish off your Bohemian theme with the right accents. Silver and gold framed mirrors are known to enhance the look and so do the silver and gold candle sticks.  Antique books and small trinket wooden boxes may also be displayed. Incense holders and incense are also very much Bohemian, especially the interesting ones. Traditional teapots, vases and other pots also look good. Do not forget to add a touch of life to your room by bringing in numerous indoor house plants.

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