Create a unique look with stained glass

Stained glass pieces have been in use since decades. Earlier, they could only be seen as church and museum windows. However, today they are used for a variety of purposes from mirrors to lamps and other decorative pieces. Stained glass is known to embellish the interiors of a house and make it fascinating. Spectacular elegance can easily be imparted to all parts of a house with the use of stained glass. Whether it is the kitchen area, living room, bathroom, bedroom, basement, office or entryway, all can be decorated with stained glass.

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If you desire to make improvements to your living room with the help of stained glass then use stained glass for partial window panels or complete window panels. Stained glass as a screen for the fireplace looks simply mesmerizing as endless colors can be seen through the prisms of the glass.

Dining rooms can easily be enhanced by the introduction of chandeliers. Instead of the traditional chandelier, try to hang a chandelier made out of colorful pieces of stained glass. Stained glass top with 3D effect as a center piece also looks exquisite.

Stained glass jewelry boxes and candle holders are also known to add grace to the bedroom. You may also make your mirror decorative by making use of stained glass designs at the edges.

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You can use stained glass to improve the aspect of your bathroom too. Enhancements such as custom made stained glass pieces in lieu of wooden drawers and open shelves can be used to enrich the look of the bathroom. Mirrors with stained glass pieces also offer an exciting and rich look.

Kitchen is one area where you can introduce stained glass in a myriad of ways. Use stained glass for the cabinet door for an appealing effect. You may also use a stained glass window panel and thus allow the outside light to show the colors within. If you’re window panel is very large, you may opt for stained glass corner or sun catchers. The addition of stained glass in the entryway or for the complete main door is assured to amaze each and every visitor.

Stained glass offers you the ability to personalize your office area also. Stained glass panels used for cabinet fronts and drawer fronts enhance the look of the formal area. Alternatively, you may also use pencil holders and professional card holders done in stained glass to create a charming look.

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