Welcome Fall With One Of These Simple Home Projects

What better way to embrace the new season than with a lovely home project… whether fall is your favorite season or not, it’s always exciting to see the changes in nature and everywhere around you. It’s time for your home to change too.

Decorate the mantel.

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The mantel is always the first one to welcome the holidays and the new seasons. This fall, you can decorate it with a wreath made of leaves and with pine cones and yellowed branches.

Golden accents.

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Bright yellow may be the color of summer but gold is the color of autumn and it’s a really elegant detail you can use when decorating your home. Create a glamorous display for the mantel and enhance it with an interesting mirror.

Fall front door décor.

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Welcome the new season and your guests with a beautiful front door wreath which you can decorate with red and yellow leaves and tiny pumpkins which you can spray paint for a more glamorous look.{found on site}.

Use metallics.

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Use shiny metallics to decorate your home for fall. Spray paint a few pumpkins or buy fake ones, use mirrors and mercury glass vases and candle holders. Make a cluster of shiny metallic decorations and display them on your console table or mantel.{found on decorchick}.

Entryway design.

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Go beyond the front door and decorate the entryway. Use pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colors as well as seasonal plants and flowers. It’s really simple actually.

Decorate with pumpkins.

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Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, although that’s when they’re most popular. You can make jack-o-lanterns any time of the year. The fall it’s when pumpkins start to gain popularity. Use them to decorate your entryway or porch.

Rustic outdoor arrangements.

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For the garden, you can create a really beautiful arrangement using a wheelbarrow and a variety of goodies you can find on your property or at the market. Get some pumpkins and gourds, some corn and a few other things and use them as best you can.

Seasonal flowers.

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Autumn flowers are not that big on color. They feature the usual yellow and red shades specific for this season and you can use them to create really interesting displays and to gain curb appeal.

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