To:Ca Digital Wooden Clock

I am a very busy person, so I do not realize when days pass, so I frequently answer what day I am or what date. It would be really helpful to see it displayed right in front of me when I make appointments or speak on the phone, making plans for the present and future. That is why I believe this unusual To:Ca Digital Wooden Clock  would be really useful for me. Actually this combination between wood and digital electronic devices is rather unusual and very seldom met, but it seems to work just fine.

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This version that you can admire in the picture is an improved version of the first To: Ca clock that was designed and manufactured back in 2002. Now this version has a ten digit display and it shows you the time (hours, minutes and seconds), but also the month and the day. Apart from the updated calendar , this longer version also allows you to use it as an alarm clock . This feature is really helpful, especially for those having trouble waking up in the morning. The 10 digit version goes to 15 inches , which in an improvement when compared to the previous 10 inches. Any way, the clock is only available on a Japanese online shop for about $240.