Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas Inspired By Nature’s Beauty

Bathrooms aren’t inviting or cozy like living rooms or bedrooms. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable and warm. With rustic bathroom decor, you can change how you feel about a bathroom space.

rustic bathroom

Rustic bathrooms are charming. The examples will reveal the mysteries of the style and inspire you to choose it for your next bathroom design.

How To Achieve A Rustic Bathroom Décor


Rustic Bathroom Mirror

Rustic oval bathroom vintage mirrors fit the modern farmhouse aesthetic. The mirror is an authentic wine barrel top. It features the original metal bands and natural red wine stain from when it was last used. The mirror is attached to a wall with heavy duty hangers.

Wall Shelves

Rustic bathroom shelves

The large hanging wooden wall shelf with scalloped edges and a natural touch look like something from the late 19th century. Heavy and light brown wood hues are blended create a down-home ranch house aesthetic.


Rustic bathroom lighting
Hawkins Interiors

The handcrafted bathroom centerpiece with bark finish twining wrought iron will give your bathroom a modern rustic flair.

Barnwood Vanity

Rustic Barnwood Bathroom Vanity

This rustic barnwood bathroom vanity is made with 100 percent reclaimed barnwood. Featuring curved doors, rustic hinges, and an optional matching linen cabinet, your rustic bathroom will look like something out of an old Hollywood western. The top counter is sealed and finished to protect against moisture and water damage.

Farmhouse Sink

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

This hammer copper sink will give that extra flair your modern rustic farmhouse bathroom needs.


Living Stone Design + Build

This black and white rustic bathroom cabinet features a white finish with a crown molded top, cathedral-style wire detail on the tempered glass-paneled door, and metal knobs for a beautiful addition to your space. The cabinet has 3 open shelves, a middle drawer, and 2 adjustable bottom shelves.

Wall Décor

Rustic wall decor

Distressed wood and brown iron antique key wall decor pieces will make your rustic bathroom a true authentic Western washroom.

The cocoa brown-colored fir wood and brush stroke-textured back features and ornate rust-finished antique key display.

Both frames have horizontal riveted iron bolts that stretch across the top and lower parts of each piece.


Rustic bathroom faucet
Corey Rainwater Construction

A brass faucet with a metal pop-up drain will make your rustic bathroom more rustic than you thought possible.

Accessories – Waste Baskets and Rug

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Protect your flooring and rustic farmhouse bathroom with this MOD rug. The bathroom rug offers aesthetics and functionality while adding a touch of rustic class to your farmhouse bathroom.

Accessories - Rustic Waste Baskets

How about this handmade wastebasket made with solid tiger maple? It’s finished with a high-gloss water resistant finish for durability and protection.

Wide Plank Shiplap Interior Siding

Wide Plank Shiplap Interior Siding

This specialty-made weathered white and brown shiplap is made from new solid wood with a distressed finish that replicates old and distressed wood. For an authentic wall in your modern rustic farmhouse bathroom, look no further.

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

A rustic bathroom decor is a key feature of the modern farmhouse. However, you don’t need a farmhouse to have a rustic bathroom. You can turn the small space into an Old West bathing outpost regardless of what your house or living space.

Sliding Barn Door

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

One of the most popular modern rustic bathroom decor ideas that you can add to your rustic bathroom is installing a barn-style door. This model has a sliding door, making it the perfect rustic flair. The barn doors provides a charming aesthetic to the modern rustic farmhouse style. The white marble countertops also accent the rustic design. (peacedesign).

Stone And Natural Materials

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

To complement your barn door, stone tiles would be the perfect way to make a big impact on a bathroom’s look as well as on the ambiance inside the space. Stone tiles are also very good at creating rustic bathroom decors, so consider this option for your next remodel project. (chrismetzinteriors)

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Instead of tiles, a stone wall add to rustic bathroom decor. You can use stone walls to make any space look extra warm and cozy. (kuohphotography).

Live Edge

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Then there’s wood which is also a wonderful option. If the goal is to make the bathroom look rustic, consider live edge wood or reclaimed boards to highlight the material’s natural beauty. If you install a barn door, this would complement the overall look.

Wood Accent Wall

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Install wood boards on one of the bathroom’s walls to create a rustic backdrop for the vanity and mirrors. Don’t use wood in the shower area because it can cause moisture damage.

Pair Natural Elements

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Both stone and wood are great materials to use in bathrooms and you don’t have to choose one or the other if you like them both. You could use stone for the walls and wood for the furniture.{found on ammiratoconstruction}.

Accent Lighting

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

The light from the pendant lamps highlights the texture and the overall design of the stone-clad walls, turning them into focal points of the bathroom. The simplicity of the color palette is in tone with the overall style. (griggscustomhomes)

Style And Charm

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This rustic bathroom takes advantage of the wood’s natural beauty and allows it to become the center of attention. Of course, it’s not just that. The charm of the design lies in the details, like those chic faucets, the shape of the sink and all the imperfections in the furniture.{found on wellingconstruction}.

Log Cabin Vibe

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This rustic bathroom reminds us of those cozy mountain cabins made out of logs. That’s actually the whole point of the design. As you can see, while the log wall is definitely rustic, other design elements are actually modern and minimalist, ensuring a pleasant contrast.

Introduce Rustic Accessories

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Although using the right materials is definitely important if you want to give a bathroom a rustic look, that’s just the first step towards success. You can also make the space look rustic with the help of accessories such as a woven rug, a candle chandelier or an antique vanity with marble countertops.

Mix Styles

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This modern bathroom can look rustic and modern at the same time. However, finding the balance point between these two very different styles is not exactly a walk in the park. Check out this exquisite bathroom for inspiration. Why not combine shabby chic with rustic modern farmhouse style?

Bathroom Fireplace

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

There’s one thing that can always make a space feel warm and cozy, no matter its function: a fireplace. Sure, having a fireplace in the bathroom is unusual but think of how much it could transform the space, especially if you’re aiming for a rustic interior design. The marble countertops are subtle and a natural fit.

Natural Warm Bath

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

The rustic influences can also be subtle. For instance, you can cover one of the bathroom walls in wood planks, preferably the reclaimed kind. You can complement the wall with a chic mirror and a marble countertop.

Open Space Design

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

It’s easier to design a rustic bathroom when it’s seamlessly connected to the mater bedroom. This way you can continue the design of the bedroom into the bathroom, using the same materials, finishes and colors. You can also use stone sinks, which would maintain the rustic aesthetic.

Rich Finishes And Textures

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Instead of wood paneling, stone and rock textures will work just fine. It’s important to use materials, finishes and colors in the right proportions when designing or decorating a space. In the case of a rustic bathroom, that usually means you should use a lot of wood mixed with some sort of natural stone. One simple mirror is enough for this space and serves as a great bathroom idea.

Wood Finish Combinations

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Experiment with different types of wood and various different finishes when designing your rustic bathroom as a way to emphasize the material’s unique properties and wonderful natural beauty. Either stone sinks or white porcelain sinks will add to your rustic style decor. The large mirror makes the rustic bathroom appear more open and spacious.

Timeless Materials

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Marble countertops are timeless and elegant, which means they look great regardless of the style you’ve chosen for your bathroom or kitchen. Here, for example, it complements a stone wall in the most sophisticated manner.

Faux Wood Tiles

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

For a cohesive appearance, look for tiles that match or even mimic the rustic style of your lovely bathroom furniture. Wood paneling will help you achieve a rustic feel. With rustic bathroom ideas, wood should be your first choice for everything. It’s a way to keep decor simple and of focusing on the details, such as the fixtures, hardware, mirrors or the natural light.

Bold Focal Point

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This is a bathroom with nautical and Mediterranean design influences where the focal point is the tub area but where there are quirky wood accents. We like the contrast between the wood paneling, the white walls with tile and the delicate textile curtain. If you like white tiles and shabby chic, Mediterranean is the way to go for a modern farmhouse bathroom.

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

If you’re going to make the walls the focal point of your bathroom, you should also make sure you don’t cover them up too much with furniture and partitions. try to keep them as open and as simple as possible. A transparent glass shower enclosure can help with that goal. If you don’t like stone sinks, you can choose a marble washbasin for similar effect.

Elegant And Sophisticated

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Sometimes the best design bathroom strategy is to not treat this space like a bathroom but like a different kind of living room. Instead of a cold and mostly function-oriented decor you could give this space a warm and elegant look and lots of character. We suggest a rustic-inspired design. The light brown marble countertops are the ideal fit for this space. And the large mirror adds to the rustic decor.

Natural Color Scheme

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

It’s easy to design a rustic bathroom if you look for inspiration in the nature that surrounds it. Focus on using natural colors and don’t try to hide the flaws. The large wood mirror frame makes the bathroom look more appealing.

Decorative Wood Paneling

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

If possible, consider incorporating wood paneling that looks like cabin logs into the bathroom’s interior design. There are ways to replicate the look without using real logs but the effect wouldn’t be the same. Also, if you look at this bathroom you’ll also notice a cool vessel sink that rounds out the shabby chic design. The large vintage mirror adds a second dimension to the space.

Rustic Flair

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This lovely bathroom is simple and has a contemporary allure. However, there’s also a rustic style in its design visible in the use of wood paneling and these wonderful textured tiles which match the gray stone countertop and white walls.

Light And Open

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

A rustic bathroom doesn’t have to be dark and enclosed entirely in wood. If you prefer a more open and fresh design strategy, perhaps you should consider a zen bathroom decor with a few rustic hints, white walls, and a focus on pure and organic elements. Underneath the marble countertops are plenty of storage space for towels and other bathroom amenities.

Add Design Layers

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

There are different ways that you can infuse natural stone and wood into a bathroom’s interior design. One option can be a natural stone tub which you can complement with a set of stone stone steps. An easier option would be a stone wall.

Corner Seating Nook

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Consider creating a cozy seating nook in one of your bathroom’s corners. This one blends in perfectly, being a natural extension of the stone wall and white tiles in the toilet area with the wood logs. The rustic charm of the space also comes from the little things like the textile rug or those fluffy pillows.

Faux Natural Wood

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

The rustic influence is also visible in the case of this bathroom with a wooden vanity. The smooth linoleum flooring is a nice touch and so is the unique clawfoot tub and vessel sink. The curtain and the accent chair create a comfortable ambiance.

Natural Wood Tub

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This chalet bathroom has more than enough rustic charm but even so it manages to also give out a modern shabby chic vibe. The wooden tub is a whiskey barrel design, and the fireplace make an extraordinary combo but let’s not ignore that goatskin rug or those massive wooden beams either. The wooden vanity and weathered wood planks complement the entire space.

Strategic Lighting

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Lighting is important for setting the desired mood or highlighting key elements of an interior design. LED light strips create an eclectic vibe and offer a cozy ambiance. The beauty of the stone walls and vessel sink are highlighted well.

Highlight View

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

This bathroom does a really great job at bringing the outdoors in. The built-in tub is pretty cool plus the window frames a great view which becomes a part of the room’s decor. Thanks to that strategically-placed flower vase, it actually seems as if the landscape physically enters the room.

Brown And Earthy Tones

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Natural wood is a rustic decor and associated with the color brown, like a barn door. When natural wood is involved so you can mix it up and add beige tones and white for a crisp and clean contrast.

Play With Contrasts

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Speaking of crisp contrasts, this rustic bathroom knows how to make the most of everything. The palette of rustic materials and colors is simple and limited with a few neutral tones, wood, and glass plus the usual metal and ceramic accents and yet there’s a lot going on here. Instead of a wooden vanity, a white porcelain model would add to your rustic bathroom design. Instead of one large vintage mirror, you can use two small mirrors for a special rustic feel.

Rustic Bathroom Layout

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

There’s a lot to think about when designing a rustic bathroom. First, the layout has to be practical and you need make sure there’s sufficient natural and artificial light in the room plus to ensure a pleasant ambiance. Everything has to be in sync with the style you’ve chosen.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

A distinct possibility is to mimic the outdoors. In the case of a rustic bathroom design, that can mean a lot of things, including a freeform tub made of stone, an indoor garden, a sink sculpted out of a boulder and all sorts of unique elements all inspired by nature.

Rustic Bathroom Window

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

If your rustic bathroom has a window, take advantage of it. Create a cozy little spot by the window with a small seat, a couple of shelves or just an accent table. Find a way to draw attention to the window and make it easy to reach this spot. You can let this beautiful bathroom designed by Richard Kissane inspire you. The exposed beams and claw foot tub match the flooring of this cozy bathroom design to give it a rustic feel.

Small Rustic Bathroom

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

A lack of space can sometimes be discouraging, but don’t worry, you can take advantage of that. Small bathrooms have a ton of potential. You can make them feel super cozy and inviting by using natural materials such as wood and stone in their design. Check out this charming rustic bathroom by studio Trilogy Partners if you want some hints. As a piece of rustic flair, notice how the vessel sink is an old metal pail.

Shades Of Green

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Not all rustic bathrooms have to be brown. Green is a color most often associated with nature and with the freshness and beauty of the outdoors. It’s also a calming and relaxing color which makes it a great fit for a space such as the bathroom. Consider adding a few shades of green to your own bathroom if you want a nature-inspired makeover. Perhaps this cozy bathroom design by Volansky Studio can offer you some ideas. The porcelain clawfoot tub and white walls match the overall aesthetic of this rustic bathroom design.

Eye-catching Chandelier

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

It’s rare when you see a chandelier in a bathroom but if the height of the ceiling allows it you should consider it. A beautiful chandelier can be used to reinforce the overall theme of your décor, the way this branch-inspired one used by studio Wesley-Wayne Interiors does here. The burgundy cabinets are a great idea for extra storage space amid a rustic bathroom design.

Soft Design Textures

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Even natural materials like stone and wood can sometimes look rather harsh and cold. That’s why you should also pay attention to the textures and finishes used in your modern bathroom. This stylish bathroom by Pearson Design Group sure knows how to stand out through all the little details. The wood vanity offers storage space to towels and other bathroom necessities.

Ambient Lighting

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

The lighting is important for the overall look and feel of a rustic bathroom. You can use that to your advantage if you want to make your bathroom feel more warm and inviting. Task lighting is an option in addition to something more subtle like a sconce. This design by Miller-Roodell Architects is a beautiful example of a lovely bathroom.

Make A Statement

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

There’s actually two major points of interest in this rustic bathroom designed by Gaskill Architecture. One is the big panorama window and the other is the decorative boulder which is a powerful statement piece. The marble clawfoot tub fits in with this rustic bathroom aesthetic.

Farmhouse Aesthetic

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Some styles are better-suited for a nature-inspired design than others. A modern farmhouse bathroom offers a relaxing atmosphere and creates the perfect setting with reclaimed wood and burlap window treatments. This design by studio Pleasant View Construction gives us a great idea of how rustic décor should look.

Wood And Green Tones

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

Forests are a source of inspiration for beautiful interior designs with a relaxing atmosphere. A color scheme comprised of natural wood tones and green nuances is a great fit for a welcoming bathroom like this one by studio Hunter and Company Interior Design. The large mirror is vertical and makes the bathroom feel bigger and complements the rustic bathroom design.

Stone Accent Wall

Rustic raw wood countertop for vanity

There are many ways you can introduce stone into a bathroom’s design. One option is to create an accent wall or use stone as a backsplash. In this master bath designed by KDL Builders it’s combined with wood for a timeless aesthetic. What master bedroom wouldn’t look good with this bathroom style? The open counters provide easy access to bathroom amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A Rustic Bathroom?

Rustic design uses unrefined elements, from towering stone to reclaimed wood. While modern bathrooms embrace tile and minimalism, so when you add rustic flair to the mix, you can achieve a modern rustic bathroom style. Neutral colors work best. You can add wood shelves, walls, stone tiles, white tiles, and vintage-inspired vanities to achieve a classic rustic look.

How Can I Make My Bathroom More Rustic?

Reclaimed wood would provide a nice touch to your rustic bathroom. You can also use metal, rough stone, and cast iron, all of which are rustic bathroom decor ideas. The natural, less-polished materials provide a sense of original craftsmanship and offer a rustic flair that will give your bathroom a sense of Old West character.

Can You Put Reclaimed Wood In A Bathroom?

A bathroom can look stunning and beautiful with reclaimed wood. It would also complement a barn door. You can use it for walls, cabinets, doors, ceilings, and flooring. Before applying reclaimed wood to your rustic bathroom, make sure the pieces are in good condition and do not have termites. You can spray paint wood finish on reclaimed wood which would save you time.

Can You Use Barn Board In Bathroom?

Barn boards for a wooden vanity, flooring, or on a feature wall can enliven a rustic bathroom. If you want to create a modern rustic bathroom, barn board would uphold the rustic décor aesthetic more so than marble, ceramic, glass, and chrome.

How Do You Treat Wood In A Bathroom?

Tung Oil is the best substance to use when treating wood accents, wood paneling, or a wooden vanity in a rustic bathroom. In case you didn’t know, you can use tung oil to finish metal, concrete, and brick surfaces. A gallon of tung oil can cover 400 square feet of wood paneling and natural wood, but when you use it you’ll need to apply at least four coats. You can also use it on a barn door.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas Conclusion

As you’ve learned by now, there isn’t a lack of rustic bathroom décor ideas. A rustic bathroom that had an old barn door would make a statement. If you have an imagination and a healthy budget, the prairie sky is the limit. You can create a modern rustic bathroom fit for a Hollywood western.

If you going to do something, you might as well go all the way. Commit yourself to design the most rustic bathroom ever and see what you can create. There’s nothing wrong with surprising your family with a bathroom makeover. With a modern rustic bathroom, you’re inviting a piece of the Old West into your home. Feel free to turn your overall design into a lovely bathroom outpost that would make any cowboy proud.