How To Build And Decorate With Rustic Mirror Frames

One or more rustic accessories can really warm up the décor and the ambiance, making a space feel a lot more inviting and comfortable. And since mirrors are so versatile and part of every home’s interior design, they’re the perfect choice. If it’s the look you care about and not necessarily the authenticity of the item, you can even build the frame yourself and make it look rustic.

Do It Yourself!


Sometimes it’s just easier to make something yourself than to try to find the item in stores or at yard sales. It’s why we’ll start with a few DIYs. The materials needed for the first one include a large pine board, wide enough for you to attach a mirror to it and to leave some space around the edges, 4 trim pieces, 4 detailed interior trim pieces and a dark stain of your choice.


Once you cut the board to size, set the mirror in the middle and measure and cut the trim pieces. Then stain each piece except for the detailed trim pieces. You may need to sand them first if the wood is treated. Leave them to dry and during this time spray paint the remaining trim pieces white. Only do one coat. Then attach the mirror to the board with wood glue, add the trim pieces and enjoy.


A different design can feature a simple frame with straight cuts. You can build it yourself or use one you already have. If you choose the first option, secure the boards together with screws and make some holes for carriage bolts. Then stain the frame and seal it. Allow it to dry. To attach the mirror to the frame, use a picture hanger and basic mirror hooks.{found on northstory}.


A wonderful idea if you want to make a mirror frame that looks rustic is to use pallets. You don’t have to build the frame from scratch, if the mirror already had one. Just one pallet wood to frame it. Cut four pieces of wood, arrange them and glue them to the existing frame and mirror.. Then use nails to keep them in place. With this method you can also adjust the shape and size of a mirror without havign to cut it.{found on theroosterandthehen}.


The best way to get a rustic look is by using weathered wood. To build a mirror frame similar to this one, use 4-6 mirror clips and some lumber. Cut the wood pieces and screw them together. Check to see if the mirror fits and then mark where you want to add the clips. Attach the clips and make sure they’re not too tight.{found on killerbdesigns}.

Decor inspiration.

rustic and extremely versatile mirror

The great thing about mirror is that they’re extremely versatile and can be added to pretty much any type of space. A mirror with a rustic frame can add a warm touch to a bathroom for example. So consider mounting it above the sink.{found on homesbydesign}.


If the bathroom already has an overall rustic décor, the mirror will fit right in. pick a size that matches the space. This one is perfect for the double sink vanity and the dark stain on the frame matches the cabinet.


A different design solution is to use two separate mirrors instead of a single large one. This way you make it clear there are two separate zones and it helps if the sinks or washbasins are also placed some space apart from each other.


If the space is narrow or if you want to place the mirror in the corner, this shape seems to be suitable. It looks really nice here and the two sconces framing it enhance its rustic design while the washbasin adds an industrial touch to the whole composition.


Opt for a thick mirror frame if you want to emphasize the rustic accents in the room. This is also a way to draw more attention to the beautiful grain of the wood or the distressed and weathered finish.{found on royconstruction}.


A rustic bathroom mirror can either stand out by contrasting with a more modern décor or it can blend in if the interior design features a similar style. Either way, the mirror will be a beautiful and interesting accessory.{found on semmesco}.

bathroom detail design

The design of this mirror frame is quite interesting. It’s a detailed design but it has an overall simple look and it coordinates well with the window frame and the cabinetry. In addition, the colors chosen for the space and warm and vibrant and they allow everything else to blend in.


Instead of mounting the mirror of the wall, you have the option of using a door mirror instead. This is a design that instantly reminds us of barn doors. You can build it yourself or use an existing door. The mirror can be attached to the wood surface or it can be double-sided and integrated into the frame.{found on rusticahardware}.