How To Use Rain Glass To Make A Splash And Enhance Your Décor

Rain glass is one of those cases when the name is extremely suggestive and perfectly describes the item. This type of glass looks as if rain is pouring down on it It has a streaked pattern and a unique and easily identifiable style. Rain glass is appreciated for its texture and look but also for the qualities that derive from here. There are many different uses for it around the house and we’ll cover a few of them.

Bathroom privacy and style

Bathroom Shower Rain Glass
Sure, the glass doesn’t really hide anything but it blurs out the image enough to make you feel comfortable

One of the most common uses for rain glass is as privacy panels or shower enclosures for the bathroom. Because of its design inspired by nature, rain glass can be used to give the bathroom a zen look and to create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance.

Different types of rain glass
Some types of rain glass are quite artistic, being appreciated for their aesthetic impact on the decor

Not all rain glass panels are alike and you can find several different types, each with a unique pattern and style. Use a rain glass wall as a separator between the shower and the rest of the bathroom or to conceal the toilet area.

Semi private cabin shower with rain glass
The shower unit is in this case more like a room within a room, featuring a really solid structure

With rain glass you can make the shower cabin a semi-private nook without completely giving it an independent identity. This is useful when you’re trying to maintain a spacious and open décor while also benefiting from enough privacy for a comfortable feel.

Pocket bathroom door with rain glass
Rain glass is also often used on doors, as a way to let some light in while offering privacy on either side

The beauty of rain glass makes it a very versatile option for a variety of spaces and styles. Also, you can use it for much more than just shower enclosures. For example, consider a rain glass bathroom door.

Rain Glass Shower Stall
This type of glass is very suitable for showers, given the pattern and the origin of the whole design aesthetic

It’s safe to say that rain glass bathroom complement both traditional and modern decors and are versatile enough to adapt to lots of other styles and variations. Rain glass showers are a particularly beautiful option for all types of bathrooms regardless of style.

Floating bathroom cabinet and rain glass for privacy
The privacy issue isn’t the only thing that makes rain glass a good option here. The fact is it actually looks great

If you want to continue with a zen décor, the bathroom can also include features such as a pebble floor mosaic or even a green garden corner. If possible, consider a skylight as well. Also, don’t forget the little things such as a vase or a pile of decorative stones on the counter.

Bathroom windows with rain glass for privacy
Having large windows in a bathroom may not seem very comfortable and certain types of glass can solve that

Apart for its decorative character, rain glass can be used in bathrooms or powder rooms when privacy is an issue. For example, if the bathroom windows or door lead into another space or a neighboring building, it would be a smart idea to avoid clear glass. Rain glass lets light pass through without exposing the interior.

Rain glass front doors

Brown front doors with rain glass
You can even choose rain glass for your front doors if you don’t mind letting people see the silhouettes of what’s inside

Doors made of rain glass or with rain glass panels take advantage of several details such as the decorative characteristics and the comfortable level of blurred privacy which they offer. Not everyone feels comfortable having glass on their front door but this is definitely something worth considering given the elegant look.

Large Pivot Door With Rain Glass
Mix glass panels with a solid wood frame to reveal a beautiful and intriguing contrast

The rain glass is a perfect fit for this large pivot front door, especially considering the surroundings and the materials and textures used throughout. The rain glass completes a look that’s inspired by nature and defined by organic textures and fresh combinations.

Modern Front House and Rain Glass For Door and Windows
Sometimes glass is the perfect unexpected choice of material when you want to highlight something

Rain glass is a suitable material option for features such as front door panels or inserts. Used in combination with wood, it has a very elegant look that suits rustic and traditional designs but which can also be adapted for modern decors or for a contemporary style.

Rain glass sliding doors

Rain Glass Sliding Doors
Consider rain glass sliding doors for spaces that you want to divide yet which could still stay open

Rain glass sliding doors are an efficient and stylish way to separate spaces inside a house or an apartment. The glass panels allow the space to remain open and connected to the adjacent rooms while also feeling intimate and comfortable.

Kitchens with rain glass accents

Barn doors with rain glass
This is a good design option if you wish to divide spaces and yet keep them connected somehow

A lot of contemporary kitchens are starting to revive the rustic and vintage styles. Here, for example, the sliding doors that separate the kitchen from the living space feature horizontal rain glass panels which maintain a feeling of openness while also giving each space privacy.

Rain glass panels for dividers
Explore and exploit the beautiful and artistic nature of rain glass and use it to add glamour to your decor

An interesting idea is to opt for a semi-open kitchen. One option is to have the kitchen space closed off with sliding glass panels that connect the counter and ceiling. Basically you can open and close the space whenever you want in case you need privacy or you want to insulate the space.

Kitchen cabinets with Glass Rain Doors
This could be an interesting alternative to the frosted glass cabinet doors that are usually seen in kitchens

Another idea is to have kitchen cabinets with rain glass front doors. This allows you to hide the contents but to offer a glimpse of what’s inside. For a more interesting effect, put LED accent lights inside the cabinets.