15 Distinctive Ways To Decorate Your Room

There are thousands of genius ways to decorate your room, whether your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Today, we’re taking on some unique ways to decorate your room that you probably haven’t considered.

Ways To Decorate Your Room

Usually, all it takes is a simple statement piece to make a room yours. But there are other times when you need to start from scratch and create an entirely new look. Let’s take a look at some of these ways to decorate your room. 

15 Simple ways to decorate your room

Add A Canopy Frame

a different way to decorate your bedroom is to choose a canopy bed

A canopy frame doesn’t need a canopy to look good. Feel free to add one if you like, but there’s something about the simplistic design of the frame alone that makes a bedroom look unique, especially if the frame is wooden. 

Put Up A Wrap-Around Mural

Put Up A Wrap-Around Mural

Murals are one of the most efficient ways to make a statement. You can get one custom-made or buy one online and save money. If you do, you can still get a custom size that will fit your room perfectly.

Most murals cover one wall but don’t be afraid to experiment and place your mural on more than one wall. There’s nothing quite like unique wall art to transform a room, especially when that wall art covers the entire wall. 

Light Your Shelving

Light Your Shelving

Most houses have a bookshelf, or another shelf, of some sort in at least one room. One of the best new ways to dress those shelves up is to put lights in them. The most common way to do that is to place lights underneath each of the shelves. 

Afterward, a beautiful aura is created for the entire room. It’s a good idea to match the bulb’s hue to the lighting in the rest of the room. Although, if you want contrasting lights, use warm for the shelves and cool lights for the rest of the room. 

Stagger Shelves

Stagger Shelves

Believe it or not, but shelves do not have to be symmetrical. Staggering them is one of the best ways to decorate your room using shelves. You can stairstep, alternate, or place them randomly on a wall. 

The above photo is an example of a stairstep shelving design. You’ll notice how the middle shelf is shorter than the other two shelves. The effect creates an illusion where each shelf appears to be the same length, another great hack if you’re left with mismatched shelves. 

A New Type Of Ring Light

Ways To Decorate Your Room

The term “ring light” usually refers to a small selfie or live streamer’s light. But that’s not all it can refer to. It can also refer to home decor lights that look like rings. These lights usually have a bulb at the bottom of the ring. 

If you want to make sure you only get results for this type of light, try searching “hanging ring light” or “ring light home decor” for the best results. Or you can shop at a home decor store and use the keyword “ring light.” 

The Wall Of Storage

As you may have heard, staggered items and asymmetrical decor are in right now.

As you may have heard, staggered items and asymmetrical decor are in right now. They can add personality to any room that would otherwise be drab. One of the best ways to add asymmetry to a room is with storage. 

In this case, we’re talking about an entire wall of cabinets and shelving. Place the cabinets randomly and add shelves in between them for optimum asymmetry. If you’re feeling bold, you can paint them different colors too. 

Curtain Room Divider 

Ways To Decorate Your Room

If you’re looking for ways to decorate and separate a room, a heavy curtain may be your best bet. You can get whatever color you need, remove it anytime you want, and it’s much cheaper than a room divider.

If you do use a curtain or drapes to separate a room, then make sure that it almost reaches the floor, even if you have to start it lower than you’d like. You’ll want an inch or so between the curtain and the floor. 

Completely Theme A Room

Ways To Decorate Your Room

It seems childish at first, but it can be so much fun to really get into decorating a themed room. As far as ways to decorate a room go, choosing a theme is a wonderful place to start. From space stations to pirate ships, the fun never stops.

Themed rooms are perfect for a guest room. While you may not want something extravagant for your personal bedroom, a guest will always appreciate something colorful and entertaining. 

Nesting Tables

Ways To Decorate Your Room

People are raving about nesting tables and with good reason. They save floor space while offering additional table space. They are cute, unique, and funky. The problem is that most people don’t know what they are called.

The answer is clear now, they are called nesting tables. Each table fits underneath the table that is smaller than it. They usually come in three sections, but there are also two-table nesting tables and five-table nesting tables. 

A New Kind Of Fairy Light

Ways To Decorate Your Room

Fairy lights have been a hit for decades. They are those tiny, twinkling lights that look similar to Christmas lights. But way more versatile. Well, there are certain hanging lights with a similar feel that make a bigger statement. 

While there isn’t a definite name for this type of light, you can shop around. Try finding lights with wings or mix and match an array of whimsical pendant lights for a similar effect. Just make sure everything is lightweight.

Wicker Is Coming Back

Ways To Decorate Your Room

Wicker furniture and decor have been around for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest furniture techniques and ways to decorate a room. To this day, the technique is still used to create gorgeous furniture.

These days, most wicker furniture is factory-made, which is completely fine. But if you’re lucky, you can find handmade furniture. Try searching for rattan furniture as well, which will be made from rattan palm trees.

Colorful Plants

Ways To Decorate Your Room

While green plants are by far the most popular type of plant, colorful plants can really dress up your room. You can get them in your chosen color and they don’t have to be permanent. It’s a great way to follow the color of the season. 

If you want something more permanent yet still colorful, consider getting fake plants. They can look just as good but are much cleaner and can last a lifetime. Not to mention, you can use them in the off-season. 

Single Works Of Art

Ways To Decorate Your Room

While furniture can be considered art, sometimes you need a traditional piece of art such as a statue or figurine. You can get these practically anywhere that sells any type of home decor, but the price range varies greatly. 

At stores like Walmart, you can get art pieces that are less than ten dollars. But if you want something unique and not mass-produced, you’ll need to forfeit at least a few hundred dollars, and that’s if you’re lucky. 

Commercial Designs 

Ways To Decorate Your Room

Have you ever wanted a restaurant kitchen? You probably can’t afford commercial appliances nor would you want to use them. However, there are a few things you can do to make your kitchen feel professional. 

The number one way to decorate your room to make it look like a Bobby Flay kitchen is to get an apron-sink. Apron-sinks are sinks that are placed in your countertop, yet the front is visible and the edges remain uncovered. 

Statement Pieces

Ways To Decorate Your Room

It is finally becoming cool to be yourself, and make a statement, no matter how silly it may feel. Whimsical is in because you like it. Elegant is in because it makes you happy. Even decor with simple phrases is in. 

The best part about this is that it’s surprisingly affordable to get words printed on just about anything you want. The easiest, of course, is something like wall art or a throw pillow. But even things like totes can be used to decorate. 

What we really want out of our home is a place to feel safe and comfortable. Do whatever it takes to make that happen with pieces that make you happy and secure. Just don’t be afraid to branch out and discover new parts of yourself!