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Get High Style and Low Maintenance with Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

With the big focusing on spending as much time outdoors as possible these days, outdoor furniture has become as stylish and comfortable as our indoor pieces, especially thanks to resin wicker. Furnishings made with resin wicker look like the chic pieces traditionally associated with warmer climates or tropical locations but have the durability to stand up to the outdoor conditions of your own backyard. Of course, before you go out and fill your backyard with all-weather wicker, it’s a good idea to understand what this material is, what it can and can’t do, and what some of the best resin wicker patio furniture has to offer.

What is Wicker?

Lots of people mistakenly believe that wicker is a material, but actually, the term refers to the weaving process used to make the furniture. The physical material used can be natural rattan, willow, cane or other vine-like plant materials, or synthetic substitutes. The term wicker is said to have been coined from the word “vika,” which is of Scandinavian origin and means “to bend.” Traditionally, wicker was always made with these natural materials for baskets, mats, chairs and other items, but for today’s outdoor needs, natural materials are not suitable because moisture from rain or snow easily leads to their ruin. 

Resin or All-Weather Wicker

Now, modern technology has given us resin, or all-weather wicker, which can stand up to most of what Mother Nature can throw its way. It looks remarkably similar to natural materials but is far more durable and resistant to water and UV rays from sunlight. Not all resin wicker is created equal, however. There are different types of synthetic wicker and some are more durable than others. The least expensive kind is made from PVC or nylon, and in this case, you get what you pay for because their reputation for durability is not the best. Polyethylene and high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker are higher quality materials and are far more durable.

Resins are extracted from plant matter that then goes through a process to make a material that is much like epoxy, which is then extruded to create the material. That means the color is infused in throughout the material instead of being a coating. Quality resin wicker doesn’t typically split or break and tends to have a matte finish, but brands can vary in quality. Wicker made from polyethylene resin is often used in conjunction with an aluminum frame to create easy-to-handle, lightweight pieces. Even better, HDPE is a recyclable material.

A Low Maintenance Option

The easy-care nature of resin wicker is exactly what makes it attractive. Because it is not affected by water, you can rinse it off with a hose or scrub it without worry.

That said, some brands recommend covering resin furniture that will sit out in harsh sunlight or weather. Regardless, other than covering it when not in use, no other maintenance is required. If you live in a location where the weather gets cold and snowy, it’s a good idea to store the furniture for the offseason, or at least store the cushions and cover the wicker with a weather-resistant cover. These simple steps will have you enjoying your resin wicker furniture for many years to come.

Downsides to Resin Wicker

Honestly, there really aren’t any downsides to choosing resin wicker patio furniture. The only minor disadvantage might be that doesn’t fold for storage and you can’t take it apart to store it either. Then again, that is the case with most quality outdoor furniture. 

Have you decided that resin wicker is your ideal choice?  Have a look at some of the best outdoor resin wicker sets available:

1. Kordell 7 Piece Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

For poolside or patio, one of the chicest style choices is a sectional set that looks like it came straight from the living room. That’s what you’ll get with this Kordell 7-Piece Sectional Seating Group. From the table to the sofa, weather-resistant doublewide wicker has a design that’s just a little out of the ordinary for extra flair. The durable material is wrapped around an aluminum frame that is powder-coated,  rust-proof and UV resistant. This makes it easy to move but you don’t have to because it’s meant for year-round use.

Consisting of two club chairs, two ottomans, one left-end sofa section, and one right-end sofa section, the set is very versatile and seats up to six people. It’s also very comfortable with colorful olefin cushions that are water-resistant. A coffee table sits at the center of the set and has a glass top for serving snacks and an open lower shelf for stashing any necessities out of the way. The set also comes with clips to secure the two sofa sections together. Happy buyers say this is incredibly easy to put together — virtually no assembly.  Sol 72 Outdoor warrantees this set for one year. 

2. Fernando 8 Piece Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Handwoven all-weather wicker makes this Fernando 8 Piece Sectional Seating Group stand out for style as well as comfort and durability. One of the most convenient sets, the Fernando comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is unbox it and start relaxing and enjoying its modern design. Crafted from polyethylene wicker, it features wicker bottoms with no-sag solid extra flexible strapping that creates effective and durable suspension. It also has an aluminum frame that is powder-coated to be strong and rust-resistant.

With an L-shaped sectional sofa at its center, the set also includes a club chair, all made from the same long-lasting all-weather wicker. The slatted coffee table, also made from the same resin wicker, is topped with a cast-aluminum tabletop for convenience. The foam cushions on the sofa and chair are four inches thick and covered in a water- and fade-resistant acrylic fabric that is removable for easy cleaning. Even better,  they attach to the seats with hook and loop tape for secure positioning. The furniture also features levelers on the feet to adjust for uneven surfaces and won’t scratch your patio or deck. Buyers love the Fernando 8 Piece Sectional Seating Group for its style as well as its great comfort.

3. Merlyn 8 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Ideal for hosting friends or just hanging out with family, the Merlyn 8 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with Cushions give you style and comfort galore. While the lines may be modern, it’s perfect for those who prefer transitional style. Angled backs and wide arms make this set particularly comfortable, as do the cushions, which are six inches thick. The Merlyn is made from gorgeous gray high-density polyethylene all-weather wicker and an aluminum frame that is powder-coated to make it rust-, weather- and UV-resistant. The cushions are upholstered in an acrylic fabric that zips off for easy cleaning. 

The coffee table at the center of this set has a metal top that lifts up, so it does double duty as a storage bin. Designed to seat up to seven people, this set is ideal for year-round use and is easily wiped down with soap and water. Sol 72 Outdoor covers the Merlyn 8 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with a one-year limited warranty. The weight capacity of each seat is 250 pounds and furniture clips, which are not included, can be purchased separately.

4. Don 3 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

If your outdoor space is on the small side, that doesn’t rule out sectional seating. The Don 3 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group seats up to three people and is perfect for a deck, patio or balcony. Brown all-weather resin wicker is wrapped around a durable steel frame that is resistant to rust, weather and water. The three-seater sofa comes with an ottoman and a coffee table with a tempered glass-top that is super handy too. Cushions on this set are covered with a quick-drying polyester fabric that can be zipped off for machine washing.

Buyers love this small-scale set that is described as very comfortable and versatile — some have used it as two seats with the coffee table in between. Full assembly is required and some customers have suggested that it’s helpful to have two people on hand. Nonetheless, most say it takes about one hour with instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow. Zipcode Design covers the set with a one-year limited warranty.

5. Kenwick 7 Piece Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

From summer soirees to autumn backyard tailgating, the Kenwick 7 Piece Sectional Seating Group makes a super stylish and comfortable centerpiece. Made from premium high-density polyethylene wicker, it’s made to last, especially with the powder-coated aluminum frame underneath. With a seating capacity of five, the two loungers at the end also make it great for hanging out with the family: You and your partner can each relax on a lounger. The set also includes a handy coffee table that has a powder-coated aluminum top, making it easy to clean as well.

Six-inch-thick UV-resistant cushions offer great comfort although they do not attach to the frame. They’re upholstered in an acrylic fabric and have a zipper so the covers are removable, but also the entire cushion can be submerged in cold soapy water for cleaning and then fully air dried.  Furniture clips are not included and must be purchased separately, with buyers noting that extra-large sized clips are required. Happy reviewers say that this set is great because it arrives fully assembled so all you have to do is position it, add the cushions and have seat!  This Kenwick set is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

6. Merlyn 11 Piece Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

A spectacular set for people who love to entertain, the Merlyn 11 Piece Sectional Seating Group will quite literally be the centerpiece of your backyard. With a modular design, you can arrange this to best suit your needs although the round circle makes a dramatic and inviting spot for every party. All-weather polyethylene wicker in a versatile light grey stone color is wrapped over a durable aluminum frame that resists rust and UV light, creating a set that’s as easy-care as it is attractive. With room for 10 people, this will be the focal point for all your backyard gatherings.

The included cushions are available in a range of colors to suit your outdoor style and the covers have zippers for easy removal and hand cleaning. While they are water-resistant, they are not waterproof, so a cover might be desirable to keep them dry when not in use. The large center coffee table is handy for all those seated in the round arrangement and the narrow side sections can also serve as table and even have built-in slots that serve as beverage holders. The set does not come with furniture clips, which must be purchased separately. Buyers love the Merlyn 11 Piece Sectional Seating Group and it has 100 percent four-and five-star reviews.

7. Dias 5 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Heat up your outdoor living space and keep enjoying it into the cooler with the Dias 5 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group that features a fire table. The set seats up to five people and is made from all-weather wicker for low maintenance and high enjoyment. An aluminum frame underneath means that it will be resistant to UV light, rust weather and water. At its center, the firetable is wrapped in the same stylish all-weather material and topped with metal for safety. The set includes the sofa, two club chairs, a side table and the firetable. All the cushions are upholstered in a polyester blend fabric that is removable for cleaning.

Designed for year-round use, cooler evenings and winter days will have you gathered around the firetable, which conveniently runs on propane. The standard size propane tank stores right inside the table. Just turn on the fuel and igniter, and you’ll be enjoying the dancing flames and 50,000 BTU output. Partial assembly is required for the Dias 5 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group, but reviewers say it is pretty easy and takes about 1.5 hours. Rosecliff Heights covers this set with a one-year limited warranty.

8. Hannah 6 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

A slightly more compact sectional option, Foundstone’s Hannah 6 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group still seats four but takes up less patio space. Spend solo time here with a book and your coffee or entertain friends for a cocktail.  Durable enough to hold up to rain and wind, the all-weather wicker has a casual look with an “on-vacation” vibe but is also low-maintenance and comfortable. Underneath, a weather-resistant aluminum frame means that you will be enjoying the set for years.

At the center, the coffee table features a glass top that makes it convenient to serve snacks or drinks. The foam-filled cushions that come with the set are covered in a polyester material that is removable for washing. and buyers say that if they get wet, the cushions dry out very quickly. Partial assembly is required, but reviewers note that its minimal and very easy. Foundstone covers this set with a limited warranty against defects. Happy buyers say that this is a great set and it fits well on a wrap-around porch too. 

9. Carly 4 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Fans of traditional style and southern charm will adore the Carly 4 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group. This cute set has a look that blends modern materials and old-fashioned relaxation. Featuring deep seats, the sofa and two chairs are supremely comfortable and the coffee table has a light profile and style fit for a living room. The open weave that is highlighted in the arms of the seats gives it a look that is entirely different from the more modern, modular sets. A powder-coated steel frame means that it is durable and long-lasting while the brown polyethylene resin wicker is low maintenance and resistant to weather.

Water-resistant cushions have removable polyester covers that are machine washable, which buyers love. The wicker structure is easily wiped down with a wet cloth for cleaning. Full assembly is required but reviewers say that it is pretty easy. This Carly 4 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group is popular because it is not big or bulky and is lightweight. Lark Manor covers the set with a six-month limited warranty.

10. Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group with Cushions

Sometimes you want a comfy space just made for two. The Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group makes the ideal set for any duo to relax and enjoy the view — whatever that is. Two single-sided armchairs are paired with a slender center section that has built-in cup holders. Great for a poolside location or a patio, it’s also the perfect size for a balcony or porch. All-weather polyethylene resin wicker in a creamy vanilla covers a durable aluminum frame, both of which are UV-resistant. 

Generous six-inch thick cushions are foam filled and finished with a removable cover, which makes them easy to keep clean. Moreover, they attach to the frame with hook and loop fasteners to keep them secure. Height adjusters are on each of the feet to help level the set on an uneven surface and that are made from powder-coated cast aluminum so they won’t scratch your deck or patio. Furniture clips are not included but can be purchased separately. The Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group is covered by a one-year warranty. Almost all reviewers have given this popular set four- or five-star ratings.