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DIY Billy Ball Yarn Flowers Bouquet

Love the look of those cute billy balls flowers (also known as billy buttons) but don’t want to spend a fortune on a large bouquet? Create your own look alikes with this simple and easy DIY! These bright yellow balls are sure to brighten up a space and your day!

Billy Ball Yarn Flowers

Materials to craft Billy Ball flowers Bouquet:

Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683

Step by step instruction to craft the long-lasting flower bouquet:

Step 1: cutting the wire stems

Cut the long wire stems in half to a manageable stem size. If you are working with smaller stems you can wait until the end of the project to trim down the stems when you put the whole bouquet together.

Step 2: create yarn balls

Create the “billy ball” by wrapping yarn around 2 fingers. Wrap around your fingers several times (approximately 30 times) and end by pulling the end of the string around the wrapped yarn to finish off the pouf. Tie the string around the center a few times and pull the string tight, tie off with a knot to secure the pouf.

Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683

Step 3: cut the poufs

Cut the pouf’s loops with scissors. Small scissors may be helpful to get all of the loops (some of them may be smaller and harder to catch with a large pair of scissors.

Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683

Step 4: trimming excess

Finish off the billy ball by trimming down the excess string to hedge a nice circular ball. Insert the wire stem into the ball to finish the flower. Repeat Steps 2-4 for the rest of the bouquet. For a nice sized bouquet create approximately 15-20 depending on the size of your vase.

Hint- these become super easy to make after you have done a few so they are a great way to keep your hands busy while catching up on your favorite TV show or movie!

Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683

Step 5: Trim outside billy balls

Once you have created your bouquet of bill balls, trim down the stems of some of the outside billy balls to create a bouquet effect. Find the perfect vase and you’re done!

Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683
Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683
Billy ball DIY instructions 1024x683


Not only would this little bouquet brighten up your home, they make a fun gift for friends and family. Or take them to work to spruce up your office. The best part? They will never dry up or die so they can be part of your long-lasting decor!