The Tranquil And Soothing Urban Cabin in Medina, Washington

Medina is a beautiful city that can be found in the region of King County, Washington, in the United States. It’s surrounded by Lake Washington on the north, west and south. Here, in this beautiful landscape, you can find stylish homes and you can admire amazing views. There are lots of charming structures in this area but one of them has caught our eye.

Urban cabin design

It’s the Urban Cabin and it has been designed and built by Suyama Peterson Deguchi. The name of this house can be interpreted in many different ways. But regardless of the approach you take, one thing is certain: this is more than just a cabin. It’s an impressive example of modern architecture. With a simple and clean design, the so called cabin impresses with its minimalist beauty.

Urban cabin design1

Urban cabin design2

The Urban Cabin also benefits from a wonderful location. It’s surrounded by nature and vegetation which offers it privacy as well as protection against elements. With such a spectacular location, the design could go have been either organic in order to try to make the cabin blend in or, as it is the case, striking and contrasting yet simple.

Urban cabin design3

Urban cabin design4

The house features a very nice balance between interior and exterior spaces. In order to allow the users to take advantage of the views, the architects opted for large windows and glass walls that provide panoramic and unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. They also included in the design a number of terraces and patios that create a smooth transition.

Urban cabin design5

Urban cabin design6

The location is very beautiful and the atmosphere here is calm, tranquil and relaxing. To emphasize this fact, the interior design and décor are also simple and soothing. The colors form a neutral palette and the textures are friendly. Also, the architects used a lot of wood which adds warmth to the space.