Steel Weekend Cabin On Stilts Designed For Safe Mountain Getaways

Delta Shelter is a mountain cabin located in Mezama, in Washington and it has a unique design that makes it stand out compared to traditional cabin architecture.


The 1000 square foot cabin is surrounded by magnificent views throughout the year, making it the perfect retreat where the owner and his friends can spend quality time together in a wonderful setting. The footprint measures 200 square feet and the cabin has three levels.


It’s essentially a steel-clad box built on stilts with a raw appearance due to the array of materials that were used in the process. The materials chosen allow the cabin to connect to the setting and the wilderness surrounding it in a natural and organic manner.


The owner wanted the cabin to be a compact, easy to maintain as well as virtually indestructible building. It’s why the Olson Kundig Architects, in charge of the project, opted for such an unconventional design and palette of materials.


The lower level of the cabin is a combination between a carport and a storage-utility room. The entry is situated on the middle level. This floor also includes two small bedrooms and bathrooms, serving as a private zone. These two levels also feature cantilevered steel decks that extend outwards to provide a series of outdoor areas for sleeping and entertaining guests.


The living room, the dining area and the kitchen are situated on the top floor. Large glass walls provide beautiful views of the forest and surroundings. This is also where a large hand wheel is situated. It operates the shutters, moving them over the glazed portions of each facade.

Delta Shelter hand wheel system explained jpg

This feature completely closes off the cabin, making it as safe as it can be when the owner is away. The shutter and several other elements including the steel structure, the roof panels and the stairs were prefabricated, reducing this way the on-site waste.


The interior surfaces are covered in plywood, a detail that contributed to the overall sustainable character of the cabin, along with the fact that it was built on a small footprint, keeping the landscape intact.

Delta Shelter hand wheel system explained jpg

This cabin was definitely designed to make one feel safe but, even so, would you feel comfortable here, in the middle of nature, surrounded by wilderness?