Getting Ready for Thanksgiving – Our Top 10 Favorite Crafts

We have so many wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving…we can’t wait to share them all with you. Every year we like to find new and interesting decor ideas and to inspire everyone to give DIY projects a chance. We think that handmade items have a special impact on a home’s decor, rendering it warmer and cozier than ever. Curious what we have in store for you this fall? The fun starts now so come check out some of our favorite projects.

Thanks giving table runner DIYView in gallery

We thought we’d start with something inspired by all the beautiful foliage that takes over the streets and gardens this time of the year. This project doesn’t use actual leaves although that would be possible too if you want to try something different. For this you’ll need a plain white table runner (or placemat) and a bunch of felt leaves in various fall-inspired colors. It’s all really simple. Just lay the leaves on top of the runner in whatever pattern you want and put a bit of glue under each one. Press it gently so it sticks to the fabric. There you have it: a Thanksgiving table runner that looks extra stylish.

Thanksgiving DIY Gobble SignView in gallery

Let’s check out something fun and playful that you can make for the Thanksgiving celebration: a Gobble Gobble wood sign. It’s an easy project for which you need two small boards, some wood stain, a bit of paint and a “gobble” template. Use graphite transfer paper and acrylic paint in fall-inspired colors to personalize the sign.

Wood slab thanksgivingView in gallery

This is the serving tray you may have noticed in the first project we showed you. To make this Thanksgiving serving tray you’ll need a few simple supplies, including a wood slab, some paint, a paint brush and a leaf stencil. Basically you just paint the top of the slab white and then you paint the leaves on using the stencil. We paired this tray with the table runner that we showed you earlier and they’re a perfect match.

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates DIYView in gallery

Something that would go well with that funky Gobble Gobble wood sign we showed you earlier is this set of personalized Thanksgiving dinner plates. They can actually be customized using any words you like. You could make each plate unique and different. The customization process is easy. All you need is a copper paint pen, some clear glass plates and letter stencils.

DIY polka dots table clothView in gallery

Not everything has to be obvious or leaf-shaped and you can definitely pull off a great Thanksgiving decor with a simplistic and chic theme. Check out this lovely polka dot tablecloth which you can make in a matter of minutes. Start with a piece of linen and some matching thread or use a ready-made tablecloth. Using circle foam pouncers and gold acrylic paint, you can personalize it in no time.

Thanks Giving Hanging BanerView in gallery

If you choose to make some of these modern Thanksgiving banners, you can hang them just about anywhere: on doors, walls, cabinets, etc. To make the banners you need printable iron transfers and some canvas fabric. You’ll also have to get some transfer paper, wooden dowels and leather strings. You can customize each banner with a different message. It should be Thanksgiving-related.

Beautiful table seating for Thanks givingView in gallery

Every table needs a centerpiece and you could plan something special for Thanksgiving. How about this design? It’s elegant and rustic but it also has a modern twist. To make something like this you need a few small pumpkins, some oak leaves, floral stems, a few votive candles and a piece of wood to display it all on. Use liquid gold leaf to paint the pumpkins and the floral stems. You can find a detailed tutorial about this on DIYs.

Stacked Metallic Pumpkins CenterpieceView in gallery

It’s hard to not use pumpkins in a diy project when they’re basically everywhere during this period. You’ve seen how many cool things you could do with for Halloween so now it;s time to have a look at some Thanksgiving projects like this stacked pumpkin centerpiece. It’s made using two artificial pumpkins which are painted with copper metallic paint. They sit on a large candleholder that looks like a pedestal and they’re decorated with leaves.

Fireplace banner Acorn for Thanksgiving Fall DecorView in gallery

These pumpkins sure look nice on the mantel but they’re actually not the focus of the project we want to share with you. We’d like to show you how to make an acorn garland just like the one displayed here. This one is made using about 15 acorns, the same amount of acrylic gemstones, 7 ft of suede cord, gold leaf paint and a hot glue gun. First the bottom of each acorn was painted and then they were all glued to the cord. Don’t they look charming? {found on diys}.

DIY Walnut Veneer ChargersView in gallery

You’ll obviously also have to think of details such as the napkin rings or the place cards if you’re planning a fancy Thanksgiving dinner and you can pair those with some walnut veneer chargers. To make these you need some thin balsa wood or plywood, a saw, walnut wood veneer, sandpaper, glue, paint and lacquer. They’ll contrast nicely with the plates and the tablecloth.